8 Top Destinations in Europe for Luxury Travelers

8 Top Destinations in Europe for Luxury Travelers

Touring vineyards in France, yachting the Mediterranean, skiing the Alps, or admiring the Northern Lights are just some of the fantastic experiences that can be part of a trip to a luxurious destination in Europe. Because, let’s admit it, everybody deserves a little luxury; being pampered from time to time, experience the sophistication and charm that comes with feeling like royalty and enjoy exploring some of the most stunning cities and countries in the world.

Europe is blessed with an immense choice of destinations that are perfect for traveling in luxury. And the manageable size of the continent makes it easier for avid travelers to explore it on foot, by car or public transport.

If you’re traveling to Europe from overseas and you’ll plan on visiting various countries or cities, renting a car to discover Europe at your own pace can be a good idea. Those flying from the US, can find thorough car rental damage insurance policies at competitive fees that can be bought in the States in advance and used once you reach your destination.

Monaco and the French Riviera

The principality of Monaco and its capital, Monte Carlo, have a strong reputation for being a destination that caters to luxurious tastes. Fine dining, evenings in the casino, luxury yachting, five-star-hotels and indulging spa sessions are just some of the experiences that await you in Monte Carlo. Despite being the smallest country in the world, Montecarlo makes up for its size in grandeur!

Located in the dreamy French Riviera, Monaco offers plenty of things to do such as the world-famous Oceanographic Museum or the Fontvieille Port area with its fantastic restaurants and bars.

The French Riviera itself, on the Mediterranean coast, is also synonymous with glamour and high-class tastes. Beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and top resorts such as Nice, Cannes or St Tropez are popular among celebrity couples! Bandol seaside village is a more tranquil option, with lots of hills and cultural activities and a picturesque atmosphere.

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Tiny but stunning, this island on the Adriatic was a hotspot in the 60s and has gained back popularity among celebrities over the last years. Jaw-dropping scenery, turquoise waters, this once quite fishing village is now a fantastic 5-star hotel. If you’re looking for glamour, charm and top notch services, plan a visit to Sveti Stefan.

Zurich, Switzerland

Cultural capital of Switzerland and the largest city of this landlocked country, Zurich is all about understated elegance. It’s one of the most expensive destinations in Europe and it offers visitors some of the most exclusive and selected experiences such as stunning shopping areas or swimming with the swans at the crystal clear Lake Zurich while admiring the majestic Alps.

Altstadt, the Old Town, invites you to walk along its cobbled streets and enjoy its medieval architecture. Of all the several churches scattered here and there in the city, probably it’s the Grossmünster the one that stands out because of its soaring steeple. The Rietberg Museum, with a rich collection of non-European art is a must-see for art lovers. Don’t miss the beautiful views of Lake Zurich or the panoramic vistas offered to locals and tourists alike from Uetliberg, the city’s own mountain.

Lake Como, Italy

Popular among newlyweds as preferred honeymoon destination, Lake Como is a charming destination and it’s considered one of the most romantic places in the world. Surrounded by hills and mountains, the views, obviously, are stunning. So much so that it has also been popular among aristocrats since the Roman times.

There are a number of towns established by Lake Como that are worth exploring. Vassena is a favorite amongst those looking for a quaint town with plenty of streets to explore. Or you can stay in Bellagio, a very picturesque with its cobbled lanes and romantic atmosphere.

Located in the Lombardy Region, it’s an upscale destination that won’t disappoint luxury travelers at all. Villa Carlota invites you to taste luxury and admire the way it has been turned into a beautiful botanical garden and art museum. And those with enough money to splurge, cannot miss staying at the CastaDiva Resort, a 5-star hotel situated right on the lake where guests are pampered in every possible way.

Capri, Italy

Capri is another hotspot in Italy for those interested in luxurious vacations. Located on the jaw-dropping Bay of Naples, it can only be accessed by ferry or helicopter or your private yacht.

From beautiful 5-star hotels with private terraces overlooking the Mediterranean, to enjoying delicious Italian dishes at top rated restaurants, there are plenty of experiences awaiting demanding tourists. A captivating charm, a breathtaking scenery and shimmering deep turquoise waters, make Capri a very much sought after destination. The Blue Grotto, which used to be Emperor Tiberius’s private watering hole; the impressive three jutting rocks of the Faraglioni and the absolutely instagrammable view of the city from the Mediterranean Sea are exquisite memories that you can cherish forever.

Cong, Ireland

Whoever is planning a luxury vacation expects being treated as royalty. Luxury holidays involve exclusive destinations, gorgeous scenery, top notch attractions and superb service. If you want to feel what kings, queens and other members of the royalty feel, then Cong, in Ireland, has to be in your bucket list.

Once in Cong, stay at Ashford Castle. It’s a medieval construction that used to belong to the Guinness family and it’s now a 5-star hotel. It’s rated as one of the top hotels in the world for celebrity sightings as it is easy to spot members of the European royal families and other celebrities. The hotel features a mini cinema, horseback riding facilities, lake tours and a stunning spa.


The City of Light needs no introduction, especially amongst luxury travellers. Famous for its incredible architecture, exquisite cuisine, fine dining venues and luxury shopping opportunities, Paris is one of the most sought after destinations amongst those interested in the most special travel experiences.

Everything in Paris speaks about glamour, charm, luxury and elegance: the top rated boutiques at Place Vendome, Les Tuileries gardens, the delicious macaroons at Ladurée or the  picturesque passages all contribute to the charming atmosphere of Paris. Book a table at the 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant, on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the city while tasting delicious French meal and a bubbly glass of champagne. Walk along the elegant Champs Elysées avenue and take a night ferry tour along the river Seine and admire the stunning city skyline from the river.

If you love culture, you’ll feel absolutely spoilt at the fantastic works of art that are exhibited at the Louvre, d’Orsay or Cluny just to mention the most famous Parisian museums.

With the most Michelin-rated restaurants in Europe, foodies can expect plenty of eccentric and extraordinary experiences at meal time. For instance ,dining at the Jules Verne, the Guy Savoy, the Arpege or the L’Ambroisie are just some of the best!

Vienna, Austria

Considered one of the most luxurious European cities, Vienna is charming and remarkable. Famous for its artistic legacy, Beethoven, Gustav Klimt and Mozart were born there and their invaluable contribution to culture can still be appreciated. The Austrian capital lies at the country’s east on the Danube river.

Vienna’s architecture is just stunning. The iconic Spanish Riding School housed in a beautiful building, its majestic imperial palaces as the Schloss Schonbrunn or the Schloss Belvedere are luxurious and absolutely beautiful. Don’t miss the Leopold Museum, Staatsoper, Mumok, the Wien Museum and Rathaus. Littered with palaces and building form the Renaissance, Vienna is a true emblem of European pomp, glory and luxury.