8 Ways to Have a Luxurious Hawaii Vacation for Less

8 Ways to Have a Luxurious Hawaii Vacation for Less

Who doesn’t want to travel to Hawaii and have a luxury vacation there? However, vacationing luxuriously in Hawaii can break the bank for most. Therefore, we’ve covered the eight ways through which you can have a luxurious Hawaii vacation for less.

For instance, you can choose the off-season to visit Hawaii. That is when you can enjoy the best rates on your trip there. The best time is August when the schools re-open for the year. That is when the number of families traveling to Hawaii decreases significantly.

Moreover, you should utilize existing travel points when buying airfare tickets and plan your splurges to enjoy the most luxury.

Here’s How You Can Have a Luxury Hawaii Vacation for Less

# 1 Choose the Best Time of the Year

Most locations have peak times followed by off-seasons. For example, the Floridian peninsula experiences a peak season during summer and spring break.

The off-season is during wintertime when it is pretty chilly. However, there is a shoulder season in the autumn when the weather is still pleasant. There are fewer tourists during this time since the children have all gone back to school.

Summertime is the peak season in Hawaii, followed by the winter season. There is also no off-season in Hawaii since the weather is nearly beautiful all year. Hence, there are so many overseas tourists.

However, the winter months following the holidays and the spring months are typically less crowded than the summer months. And the number of tourists drops from the end of August to the beginning of the holidays.

The months of August and September have the lowest getaway rates of the year. Those in the tourism business refer to it as "couples’ season" since family travel decreases.

Prices fall as demand falls dramatically. So, if you've always wanted to stay at a luxury beach resort but couldn't afford it, consider visiting Hawaii between August and September to get the best deals.

If you’re traveling with your family during that time, take a look at the best all-inclusive resorts in Hawaii for families with kids.

# 2 Book a Rental Home or Condo

Many oceanfront resorts in Hawaii can be rather pricey, so renting a property or condo can be an excellent alternative. A rental home also eliminates the need to pay daily parking or service charges.

Thus, you can enjoy both the vastness of a villa and the conveniences of a hotel.

Staying in a condo rather than a hotel can save you a lot of money. A good Puu Poa condo will cost you roughly $2,000 weekly, or around $286 per night, including taxes.

Lodging at a resort with a mountain view room would cost roughly double that amount.

# 3 Use Points on Airfare

If you have a lot of points and miles, trips to Hawaii can be an excellent way to use it. There are numerous methods for booking cheap Hawaii flights using points and miles, particularly if you intend to convert miles across different airlines.

Most of the leading airlines fly to Hawaii, and almost all of them have loyalty programs of one kind or another. Therefore, you can have a luxurious Hawaii vacation for less using loyalty points regardless of which airline you use.

If you can't decide only on one archipelago, island-hopping in Hawaii is relatively easy, with most flights taking less than an hour.

The secret to island hopping is adaptability. Most of the best inter-island rates are for trips through Honolulu's Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, so include Oahu in your route to enjoy the benefits of its inter-island access.

You should also try to keep your dates as flexible as possible. Some airlines offer inter-island flights for as low as $45, even during the peak summer season. But if you are tied to a specific departure time or book last-minute, you may have to shell out considerably higher prices. For instance, some flights can cost you more than $200.

# 4 Plan Your Splurges

That's all for our key suggestions for cutting costs on luxurious (or just costly) hotels. However, if you're concerned about the cost of food or excursions, here's some advice.

Plan your spending sprees ahead of time. If you want to go out to fine restaurants but aren't used to spending so much money, plan out your splurges.

Do you eat a lot of breakfast? Do you want the opulent breakfast buffet for $50 per person or the on-property muffin, fruit cup, and cappuccino for $25 per person at the hotel lobby kiosk?

It is better to organize things ahead of time for lavish dinners rather than just stepping into a restaurant. For instance, you should do some preliminary research to ensure you choose a decent location.

In Hawaii, there are numerous tourist traps that can cost you an arm and a leg and leave you unhappy. If you're going to spend money, make sure it's in a decent location.

# 5 Drive the Extra Mile for Groceries

Take time to travel a few miles out of the way when acquiring supplies if you're vacationing in a vacation property or condo in a tourist region.

You'll not only find better deals and a more comprehensive range, but you'll also receive access to discount stores and farmers' markets.

Taking advantage of low-cost local meats and fruit in Hawaii is a great way to save money, especially if you have a kitchen.

# 6 Sidestep the Paid Luau

In terms of entertainment,  it would be worthwhile to take your group to a Lūʻau (a traditional Hawaiian occasion that you may have seen in ads, TV shows, and movies countless times).

While the assortment of entertainment and buffet food may be worth the money for most visitors, there are several free opportunities to witness the hula (traditional Hawaiian dance), listen to Hawaiian music, and learn about the culture.

For example, many supermarkets in Hawaii host live bands and lessons in lei creation, hula, ukulele, lauhala weaving, and other arts and crafts.

Free coffee plantation excursions abound on the Big Island. Certain establishments, including many renowned hotels, also provide recreation to the general public.

# 7 Swap Ticketed Activities for Cheaper Counterparts

Some major ticketed tourist sites provide freely accessible portions of their excursions.

For instance, a trolley tour at the Maui Tropical Plantation costs $25. But you can still wander the premises for free, along with the marketplace, craft studios, and cafe.

Moreover, Dole Plantation tours on Oahu begin at $7.75 per person. However, buying a ticket is not required.

The premises are free to enter, and there are usually free attractions such as pineapple-cutting, chocolate-making demonstrations, and a fish-feeding pond.

# 8 Form Your Own Tours

You might easily spend hundreds of dollars daily on tours, but you don't have to. There is so much natural beauty in Hawaii that you can see for free. Purchase a guidebook, rent a car, and become your own tour guide.

If you like mountains, you can go hiking. There are miles and miles of beautiful hiking paths on Hawaii's islands.

For example, every island has some outstanding snorkeling locations that you would regret not visiting. If you need snorkeling equipment, you can rent or buy them from an island store.

Thus, one of the best ways to travel in Hawaii is to drive throughout the islands, stopping at beaches and attractions that strike your interest.

Wrapping Up

We’ve covered all you need to know regarding having a luxurious Hawaii vacation on the cheap. Hawaii isn’t cheap by any measure, either for tourists or for those living there. The prices can seem too much if you’re from the midwest or another part of the country.

However, if you follow the smart tricks mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to have a great luxury vacation in Hawaii for less. But this won’t be easy and will require some effort from you.


1.  What is a good budget for a trip to Hawaii?

You should aim to budget at least $274 a day for your Hawaiian trip. This is based on average costs reported by other guests. For instance, visitors report spending an average of $61 on dining and $29 on public transit per day.

2.  What is the prettiest Hawaiian island to visit?

Kauai is the eldest of the seven Hawaiian Islands and has acquired the moniker "Garden Isle." Anybody who enjoys the vast environment will be enthralled by the island. Gorgeous flora and fauna can be seen throughout the peninsula. On the other hand, Kauai, the oldest Hawaiian island, has some of the world's best beaches.

3.  Which is the better island: Oahu or Maui?

Oahu is the place to go if you want a more international holiday, enjoy partying, are interested in history and contemporary events, or wish to vacation on a budget. However, Maui is the place to be if you're looking for a romantic island, fantastic snorkeling, a relaxed holiday, or more outdoor activities.