9 Ways to Improve Luxury and Comfort on Your Next Flight

9 Ways to Improve Luxury and Comfort on Your Next Flight

Unless you have the resources to fly first class, getting from here to there on your regular no-frills airline can be as tedious as it gets. Air travel today means waking at ungodly hours, waiting in interminable queues, before getting squashed into airline seats unfit for convicted felons for many hours.

The good news is that there is plenty that you can do to turn this situation around and make your flight a little more comfortable and even glamorous.

But, maybe the negative impression we get from modern air travel comes from the fact that we are doing it all wrong. I first had this notion when I was getting into a queue to board an Easyjet flight with my two small children. I had a cup of coffee in one hand and with the other, I was attempting to wipe a runny nose. I suddenly looked up to the front of the queue to see a classy-looking woman at the front of the queue. She was toting a Longchamp bag and flipping through the latest edition of Vogue magazine, looking as if she was supposed to be boarding first class not, the same budget airline as myself.

This all got me thinking. It was obvious to me by her grace and elegance that she didn’t see this flight as a problem at all. She acted cool and relaxed as if she was heading to first-class accommodations, and why shouldn’t she? That was the moment I realized that making a flight glamorous and enjoyable was up to the traveler.

So, I set my mind to studying the habits of classy travelers and came up with the following tips. If you have felt tired and stressed at the thought of flying, try out these simple tips that can make you feel like you are flying first class as you sit in your standard flight seat.

Pack a gourmet picnic 

A $5 bag of peanuts is enough to make anyone glum, but you can boost the level of comfort and glamour in your trip by improving the menu. You can enjoy whatever it is you would like to eat while the rest of the passengers stare mournfully at their plate of airplane food or shell out big bucks for overpriced drinks and sandwiches.

So, pack your lunch. This could be your favorite sandwich, a few pieces of fresh fruit, and even a salad, carrot sticks, and dressing. For desserts, grab some pudding cups or mini cheesecakes. Whenever I have to make an early morning flight, I bring a healthy breakfast of juices, yogurts, or pastries. Then, you have all the time in the world to set these out and enjoy them at your leisure. In case of delayed flight, airlines are obliged to provide you with free food. Check our partner for more flight delay compensation tips.

Be stylish but comfortable 

You want to wear clothes that are stylish and good-looking, but you will be a happier soul if they are also comfortable. For me, a smart-looking pair of trousers is the best choice, but nothing too tight. Then, take a long-sleeved jacket that can be rolled up and stuffed in the overhead compartment. Avoid tight clothes and fabrics that wrinkle and crease.

Create the perfect in-flight toiletry bag 

If you were to fly in business or first class, you will be provided with a small wash bag containing a couple of toiletries that make the flight a bit more enjoyable, like a toothbrush, lip balm, and hand cream. So, why not take the extra step for yourself and make your bag to enjoy luxury on your flight? I always collect hydration spray, eye gel, lip balm, hand cream, a long lasting portable charger and other items for this very purpose. Just make sure you don’t take any containers larger than 100ml, and transfer them to a clear bag before you head through the security check.

Stay hydrated 

Airplanes have a “canned” atmosphere that can strip the moisture right from your skin, leaving you very unhappy and uncomfortable. Prevent the onset of dehydration by drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcoholic and caffeinated beverages on the flight. Make sure you buy a big bottle of water after you have passed through the airport security.

A couple of other good ways to stay hydrated is with a moisturizing body cream applied to all exposed areas of the body before the flight. Hand cream, lip balm, and hydration spray are also good ways to avoid dehydrating during the flight.

Wear a scarf 

I never head to an airport unless I have a scarf with me. I usually bring an oversized scarf or pashmina that can double as a cover if things get too cold, or a pillow if I need some extra comfort.

Bring along a small make-up bag 

The best price flights leave at some pretty odd hours of the day and night and this doesn’t always leave a lot of time for applying makeup before the flight. But you can substitute your makeup case for a tinted lip balm, moisturiser, and under-eye concealer. For example, the YSL Touche Éclat pen is a well-rounded product that has served me well.

But if I want to be looking a little more glamorous upon my arrival I will also include mascara, a mirror, and an eye-shadow palette that can also double as lipstick if needed.

Pack it all in a convenient bag 

Now an important point for making all this work together for your comfort and not just a slew of extra items in your inventory is the convenience of access. For me, a beautiful bag always makes me feel a bit more stylish and glamorous as I travel.  Choose something that has big compartments on the inside where you can easily access your food, toiletries, makeup, boarding pass, and other documents. There is nothing more unglamorous than being that person who dumps the content of their bag out to locate a boarding pass.

Be as comfortable as you can on the flight 

Being comfortable on the flight is essential to arriving happy, rested, and in good spirits. If I am going to be confined to a seat in a long metal tube for hours on end, I want to do so in relative comfort. Hence, a good pair of warm cashmere socks will allow me to remove my shoes and wiggle my toes luxuriously at 30,000 feet.

Flying With Children  

Kids are just like adults, except that they get hungry, thirsty, bored, cold, and irritable much faster. But the plan is the same. Make sure they have the things they will need to keep them, comfortable, happy, well-fed, and occupied during the flight. There are sticker books, wipeable cards, and plenty of other good ideas for keeping your youngsters cool and relaxed on the flight.