A 10-Item Packing List For Minimalist Travelers

A 10-Item Packing List For Minimalist Travelers

Traveling to different destinations can be fun as you explore various cities and gain new experiences. While traveling sounds exciting, bringing plenty of things with you can be dreadful, especially if you plan on traveling to more than one destination. With that, minimalist traveling might be your best solution.

Minimalist traveling involves carrying as few items as possible as you take on your journey. This means you must be careful with what you pack, ensuring everything’s practical and will benefit your journey. To help you fill the right stuff and minimize what you carry, listed below are some packing lists perfect for minimalist travelers:

  1. Wallet

Of course, every traveler must bring a wallet with them at all times. This will hold all their currencies, credit cards, and identification, which they need to use for their trip. While you can use a single one to cover your entire trip, having two wallets can help to make things more organized as you’ll be separating your bills and coins away from your cards. This can also prevent you from bringing a bulky wallet and allow you to carry thinner ones.

  1. Key Organizer

If you bring plenty of keys for your locks, home keys, and hotel, you might consider getting a key organizer. This way, you won’t have to worry about your keys tangling all over and making noise, wherein you can allow a single strip to carry all of your keys for you. Instead, it’ll provide maximum organization while ensuring that you keep everything together neatly. It’ll be a great way to avoid dangling noises while holding your keys together.

  1. Travel Backpack

As a minimalist traveler, you should carry as few items as possible. This’ll involve ditching your luggage and switching to travel canvas backpacks. When shopping for a bag, ensure it is lightweight yet still large enough to carry your essentials but compact enough to fit your plane’s overhead cabin. This can also help you save time from waiting for the luggage carousel, wherein you can go on your trip as quickly as possible.

  1. Packing Cubes

Since you’re traveling with a backpack, you know how frustrating it is to look for an item only to find it at the bottom of your bag. To get your item, you’ll need to remove your things and roll them back, which can be time-consuming and tiring.

To help you save on the extra work and allow you to find your item quickly, you should have packing cubes with you. They’re lightweight and will allow you to sort everything promptly and efficiently. This way, you no longer have to dig deep into your bag but just conveniently pull out your cubes and begin your search in an organized manner.

  1. Small Daypack

Apart from your backpack, you need to carry another bag that allows you to quickly access the things you need for your daily use. This includes your phone, wallets, keys, passport, and other essentials. To quickly pull them out of your bag, you should have a small daypack that you can carry with you along with your travel backpack. Usually, it should be a small body bag that you can cross over your body but still allow yourself to carry your regular bag comfortably.

  1. Hanging Toiletry Bag

You’d be surprised that most hotel bathrooms don’t have generous counter space. You can imagine how frustrating it is to bring out your toiletries only to find no place in your bathroom to display them.

To make things convenient and comfortable, bringing a hanging toiletry bag allows you to carry all of your essentials and quickly hook them on any part of your bathroom. This way, you’ll have someplace to store your toiletries and promptly put them inside your bag without additional space. Moreover, it’ll allow you to carry all your bathroom essentials as they usually come with plenty of pockets and holders.

  1. Two Pairs Of Shoes

As you travel minimalistic, you’ll only need two pairs of shoes with you: one that you’ll wear as you travel and another that you can keep inside your bag. Moreover, you should also pick a generic design that’ll go well with all of your clothing. Ideally, you should bring comfortable walking shoes to keep your feet away from pain from all of the traveling. Inside your bag, you should have a pair of flip-flops that you can wear inside your bathroom or if you plan on going to the beach. Those should be enough to make you comfortable for the entire trip.

  1. Three To Four Sets Of Clothing

To help save space on your backpack, you should only bring three to four sets of clothing that you can easily mix and match. This way, when you take photos, it wouldn’t seem exactly like you’re repeating your clothes, but rather doing various combinations, they make it look new. Moreover, three to four sets are enough for your entire trip. You can even toss in a shawl to keep you warm from the cold temperatures.

  1. Water Bottle

A great way to pack light and help save the earth is by bringing your customized water bottle. This way, you don’t have to purchase a bottle outside consistently but just bring your own so you can refill quickly at your hotel. It’ll be a great way to save costs, be eco-friendly, and keep you hydrated. You can use it for travel or hiking if you plan on doing one on your trip. Furthermore, it’d be helpful if you could purchase one insulated to keep your water cool for as long as possible.

  1. Universal Travel Adapter

Since you’ll be bringing your smartphone, camera, and possibly your laptop with you during your trip, you’ll need to recharge it to prevent it from running out of juice. However, different countries have different sockets, which you might need to adapt. Luckily, there’s a universal travel adapter that allows you to charge all of your devices on any socket without bulking your entire bag. It’ll be a great way to recharge your devices without worrying about multiple cables that can get tangled inside your bag.


Traveling light helps you to minimize the things you carry and save on extra costs for your luggage. However, it can be pretty tricky, especially if you’re planning to go to multiple destinations on a single trip. But with the proper preparation, such as bringing a few sets of interchangeable clothes, two pairs of shoes, a hanging toiletry bag, and more, you can make your entire trip convenient and comfortable. With the number of things you can leave behind, you can focus your journey on your destination rather than what’s inside your bag.