5 Reasons to Visit the Beautiful Country of Colombia

5 Reasons to Visit the Beautiful Country of Colombia

Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has an enviable climate and some of the best forests, beaches, rare species of plants and animals, and is home to diverse cultures. One of the striking features is the love for coffee. Coffee growing in Colombia is a part of the national identity.

Colombia, a land of rich coffee and unique tradition

Few countries can rival the amount and quality of coffee produced in Colombia. These excellent coffee beans are produced in large farms or small plots. In either case, they yield the same unique delicious coffee beans.  

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Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is a historical city on Columbia's Caribbean coast founded in 1533 by the Spanish and named after the city of the same name in Spain. At the time when Spain ruled South America, this was the center of economics and politics. Cartagena has a rich culture and celebrates many festivals all year round. Museums and art galleries with fascinating works are open to visitors.

Exploring the Amazon Rainforest

Colombia is home to 10% of the Amazon rainforest, an area covering 403,000 square kilometers. For a closer look at the Amazon forest, traveling by boat to the surrounding towns and cities is the best option. In this region you can discover natural wonders and come into contact with indigenous communities who preserve their cultural traditions. Crafts and exotic foods enrich the journey.

Colombian cuisine and delicacies

The food depends on the region and tradition. A dish that is highly cherished in one area may not be so in another. The Colombian breakfast is made up of fresh fruits, coffee, juice, and breads. The main course is lunch. It may consist of meat or fish products, wine, a traditional soup, and a dessert. Dinner is lighter and comes more in the form of a light snack. For regions close to the sea, the meals consist of a variety of fish, lobsters, and other seafood which are usually prepared with coconut milk. There is also a serving of fresh fruit to go with the meals. Some of these fruits may be exotic and unfamiliar to visitors.


You can find independent fashion houses in Medellin which produce exciting new trends. In Bogota and Cali you'll find artisan markets alongside modern shopping malls. Cartagena is the center of Colombia's emerald trade.

In Columbia there is something intriguing for every kind of traveler. From chic boutiques for trendy fashions in the cities to ancient lost cities which can be visited with a local tour guide, Columbia is a country of wonder.