A Costa Rica Travel Guide: Top Five Beautiful Spots For The Top Five Watersports

A Costa Rica Travel Guide: Top Five Beautiful Spots For The Top Five Watersports

Traveling around Costa Rica will offer you a wealth of wonderful sites, interesting people and – perhaps most important of all – amazing coastlines.

At least, this is the most important thing if you are a watersport fanatic. From north to south, east to west, Costa Rica has some of the most varied, beautiful coastlines anywhere in the world, making it perfect for anyone who enjoys both watersports and traveling alike.

Whatsmore, you can choose those spots based on a specific sport that you want to try out. With this in mind, here are five of the best spots for five of the most popular watersports to indulge in:

For Surfing, Playa Hermosa

Although beaches like Jaco are more famous and popular for beginner surfers, Playa Hermosa – which is just around the corner to Jaco – is the ultimate destination for the avid surfer who knows what they’re doing.

It has one of the best surf breaks in all of the country, and it is best visited between December and March when the chance of consistent breaks are highest. It should be noted, however, this is a spot for experienced surfers and riptides should be accounted for.

For Wakeboarding, Lake Arenal

Lake Arenal  – situated in the northern highlands of Costa Rica – is one of the most beautiful spots for wakeboarders who are looking for calm waters and gorgeous scenery.

Companies like Volcano Watersports have set up shop there and are well-equipped to help you along and give you the best wake possible, all underneath the looming monument that is Volcano Arenal. The instructors are friendly, approachable and determined to provide a thrilling journey which won’t be forgotten.

For Scuba Diving, Tortuga Island

If you’re looking to get the adrenaline pumping on the surface of the water and underneath, then Tortuga Island is the ultimate destination to try out next. It offers some great diving, snorkeling and snuba-diving sites, with a special emphasis on shipwrecks that have been lurking in the midst of the ocean for generations.

Depths in the area range from 10 to 30 meters, and if you decide to visit between January and September, you can come across wildlife such as dolphins, whales and maybe even a few manta rays.

For Kayaking, Jaco

Although Jaco is renowned as a beginner's surfer beach, it is also one of the most popular destinations for regular beach-goers. This is why it could be a great option if you’re looking for a bit more of a casual watersport like kayaking.

The communal feel on the beach and the water makes this a perfect spot to get to know the locals and fellow travelers, all the while feeling the waves beneath your kayak and the ocean wind guiding you along.

For Tubing, Lake Arenal

Yes, yes, Lake Arenal has already been mentioned, but it deserves a second shout-out! It really is one of the most awe-inspiring spots in all of the country, and there is so much more to try than just wakeboarding.

Tubing is a heap of fun, especially if you’re traveling with the kids, and you can even try your hand at some water skiing. Whatever you choose, make sure to stick around as long as possible to really gain the full experience and make memories you will never forget.