A Culture Trip: Must-See Biblical Sites in Israel

A Culture Trip: Must-See Biblical Sites in Israel

Israel has always been recognized as the biblical land. There are so many sites imbued with historical and religious importance, making it one of the must-visit countries in the world. While it is a small country of around 8,63a0 miles, visitors can experience various climates, diverse cultures, and different cities while driving north to south in a matter of hours. There is so much the country offers its guests, even if they are only visiting for a short while.

Because of its rich religious history, the country is home to biblical landmarks that never cease to amaze and inspire. From Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity to the location of Jesus’ crucifixion, Israel offers everyone the opportunity to experience the Holy Land and take home unforgettable memories of a time that is forever etched in history. If you are interested in visiting the country (and who wouldn’t be), the Jewish Heritage Tours is ready to provide you with the most memorable journey to the biblical sites of Israel.

Below are some of the must-see biblical sites in Israel.

Mount of Olives

For the Jewish people and Christians, the Mount of Olives holds a very significant meaning. For 300 years, the Jewish people have used the mountain as a site to bury their dead and there are about 150,000 graves. The prophets Zachariah, Malachai, and Haggai are buried here, together with other well-known rabbis. Based on biblical writings, it is in the Mount of Olives that Jesus had wept for Jerusalem. While here, it would also be a memorable experience to see the Dome of the Ascension. Here too can be found the Olive Trees of Gethsemane, which are known to be among the world’s oldest trees. These trees grow in the garden where Jesus had prayed before the crucifixion.

The Sea of Galilee

Visitors to Israel should make it a point to go to the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus had practiced most of his ministry. It is also the site where he had selected four of his beloved apostles, Peter, John, James, and Andrew, all of them fishermen there. The Mount of Beatitudes that looks over the lake is where the Sermon on the Mount was delivered by Jesus. The Sea of Galilee is also where Jesus walked on the water and performed his miracle of feeding a large crowd of people with a few pieces of fish. It is one of the biblical sites in Israel that must never be missed while visiting Israel.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is another must-see site in the Holy Land. It is believed that within its walls is Calvary, where Jesus was crucified. His tomb can be found here, and it is also where the greatest miracle known to man - his resurrection, took place. The church is a sight to behold, with its breathtaking architecture. One can also experience the highly spiritual atmosphere inside. Priests are readily available for confessions, and the church is usually filled with people during peak hours. Nevertheless, this is a biblical landmark that must always be a part of the itinerary.

A trip to Israel is one that you will not soon forget. The Holy Land is truly worth visiting for those who want to experience the most frequently mentioned site in the greatest book ever written – the Bible.