A Day in the Life: Miami Power Agent Angel Nicolas

A Day in the Life: Miami Power Agent Angel Nicolas

Angel Nicolas certainly knows how to close a deal. As the founder of one of the highest producing teams in Miami, with a career sales record exceeding one billion, this former professional baseball shortstop has made a name for himself in South Florida’s real estate scene. Leveraging his background as a former pro-athlete, he routinely sells multi-million-dollar homes for high profile clientele ranging from baseball players to hedge fund honchos and fashion designers. He recently broke the record for the most expensive condo ever sold in ritzy Coconut Grove for $19.25 million. The life of a top real estate agent - especially one like Angel Nicolas - is nothing short of fast-paced and unpredictable. From early morning team calls to contract negotiations, open houses, marketing content and keeping up with a vigorous fitness routine–we got an inside look at what it takes to be a top agent in the Magic City.


Angel’s morning routine actually begins the night before. He tells us, “I  always review my schedule and jot down three things I’m grateful for before going to sleep.”

It’s a practice he adopted from his days as a professional baseball player. He was taught to use visualization techniques as an athlete, envisioning the warmup routine, and now he applies the same concept to set the tone for a successful day.

He tells us, “The science behind this is that when you visualize something, your brain can’t distinguish if it's real or not, allowing you to trick yourself into a more positive and productive mindset.”


Angel is awake and taking his first cold shower of the day. Before heading out, he tells us he likes to read and listen along to audiobooks. He says, “I find the dual approach an effective way to really let the intended message sink in.”


By 6am, he has started his workout, listening to positive affirmations or hype music on the way to the gym. “Bad Bunny is my go-to right now, but I also mix in some hip-hop or classic rock when the mood strikes,” he told us. “I’m involved with 54D, a program dedicated to guiding you through 54 days of high intensity training, nutrition, and recovery, but I occasionally mix it up by boxing at home with my brother.”

Exercise is an essential part of Angel’s life. “Consistency builds momentum,” he says. It’s where he finds his drive for the day and where he sometimes meets potential clients.


He wraps up his morning workout and is headed home. About a year ago he began fasting in the mornings. He tells us, “For me, straight black coffee is a must, but occasionally I will drink a protein shake.”

By 7:30am, he’s on his second cold shower of the day.


Angel works a hybrid schedule, and is either at the office or setting up at home by 8am.

His top producing team, The Nicolas Group, has a standing call around 9am to set the intentions for the day and go over the latest market updates. The agents Angel recruits to his award-winning team are area specialists–from Coconut Grove to Miami Beach and Sunny Isles–each has intimate knowledge of the area they specialize in, from neighborhoods and community nuances to off-market deals.

“From 9-11:30am we are handling client calls, running MLS searches to stay updated on developments happening in the Miami area, reviewing emails and ensuring a productive informed work day,” he told us.


12PM – 3PM

For Angel, his typical work day revolves around setting up showings in the mid to late afternoon, since most of his clients have school pickups around 3pm. “We aim to be as accommodating as possible, scheduling appointments right before, after or during lunch,” he says. “When I’m not in a showing, I will often have lunch with clients.”

One of his favorite client lunch spots is Bellini at Mr. C, overlooking the bay in one of Miami’s hottest neighborhoods, Coconut Grove.

“My go-to is the sea bass with a side of veggies or pasta, especially if I had a demanding workout that morning,” he said.

Angel holds the record for the priciest condo sold in Coconut Grove, a penthouse for $19.25 million. “It was a proud achievement for our team and a testament to the continued strength of the luxury market. We also have some significant listings in the works – exciting things are on the horizon for us!”

2675 South Bayshore Drive LPHS credit is Become Legendary2675 South Bayshore Drive LPHS Image credit: Become Legendary


With over 30,000 followers on Instagram, Angel uses his social channels to amplify exposure for his listings.

“Depending on the weather, we like to film during sunrise or sunset to catch the perfect lighting,” he said. “We do a full walk-through and make sure to capture angles and areas that showcase the home. It’s not about overselling or positioning myself front and center, it’s about the house itself.”

He attributes his success to staying active and never having lost his love for sports. “Twice a week during the week I will play either pickleball, tennis, or paddle with clients, friends and colleagues. On the weekends, I play tennis with my daughters.”



Angel is sitting down for dinner and shutting down for the day if work permits it. “I have three daughters who are busier than me,” he said. “So if we can make it happen we will eat together.”

He tells us he and his wife love take out from Greenstreet Cafe in Coral Gables and Fiola in Coconut Grove.


After dinner, he uses this time to get back into his audio books and read along. Right now he recommends ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey, ‘Win-Win Selling’ by Larry Wilson, and ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear.

He prefers to focus on informative works as entertainment. “I don’t often read for fun but my wife and I will watch a movie or TV show together in the evenings as a way to decompress,” he tells us.


We have now come full circle and Angel is back in bed reviewing his schedule before going to sleep.

He shares his one final anecdote that he always comes back to. “Imagine life is a road trip, and every red car you see represents an opportunity. If I promised you $100 for every red car sighting, you’d be more inclined to look out for them. In the same way, by keeping your focus on opportunities, you become like a vigilant traveler on the lookout for red cars. Opportunities are the red cars of life, and when you concentrate your attention on them, you’re more likely to spot and seize them. Where your focus goes, your energy flows.”

Top Image credit: Juan Algarin Photography