A Day in The Life of a Superyacht Nanny

A Day in The Life of a Superyacht Nanny

I'm Ella, with over eight years’ experience in yachting, six of which have been as a superyacht nanny, I have a wealth of expertise in childcare roles and stew life onboard.

Having worked on some of the largest and most prestigious yachts in the world, to caring for charges whilst racing classic sailing superyachts, working with triplets and even some ski nanny work, I truly have been there, done it, and got the T shirt (or rash vest!).

The world of superyacht childcare is certainly a niche area – I really love what I do and find people are often interested in what the work involved. So, what a typical day looks like whilst nannying onboard? With no two days ever the same, plans can change at the drop of a hat, and you are always kept on your toes.

Here’s what a typical day can look like:

Get up – always before the children. As a start time is never specified, I just ensure I am up, ready and looking smart for when they rise.

Breakfast time – kids enjoy breakfast, which is normally out on deck. There are always incredible fruit platters (with the best fresh Mediterranean produce), and they can order whatever they like – waffles and crepes are always a favorite!

If the yacht is not yet underway, the morning is a great time to do water sports – especially as the sun is not too strong yet. Deck crew will be on hand to help with everything water related.

Lunch time – This is normally served family style (if the little ones are eating with the adults). I either join them and help with the meal, or the kids eat separately from the adults, which is normally a little earlier.

Excursions – if nearby to port, the afternoons are a perfect time for a little trip ashore to find some ice cream or look for shells on the beach! We take the tender in (the little boat) as the yacht is often too big to fit into the marina.

Dinner – the chef(s) prepare the dinner for the children, which is normally before the adults dinner – as that can get really late! Also, after such a busy day doing water sports and all the other exciting things onboard, kids get really hungry!

Evening – movie time! A movie night in the onboard cinema, snuggle them up with blankets and popcorn, to round off another special day onboard. If we don’t fancy a movie, we often do arts and crafts – which is a personal favorite of mine!

Bedtime – sometimes parents do the bedtime routine and sometimes it’s the responsibility of the nanny. I like to end the day with a bedtime story or a made-up adventure of the exciting things we will do tomorrow.

If you are looking for childcare support for upcoming yacht trips, get in touch with Ella at ella@superyachtnanny.co or on www.superyachtnanny.co as she would love to support you in creating the most incredible experiences onboard for your little people!