A Guide to the Top 6 Luxury Hotels in Makkah and Madinah, Saudi Arabia

A Guide to the Top 6 Luxury Hotels in Makkah and Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Being a hub of Islam, the Saudi state brims with countless hotels. Pilgrims often come across several cheap and luxury hotels, especially in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. These resorts are not just near the holy sites but also offer many comforts. This article aims to explore the top 10 deluxe hotels often included in luxury Umrah packages.

1-     Raffles Makkah Palace, Makkah

Nestled in the revered Abraj Al-Bait complex, this hotel is a comfy place to stay. With spacious and air-conditioned suites, this palace offers serene views of the Holy Kaaba. Marble floors and oriental carpets add grace to each room. Guests can enjoy a spa-like experience in the lavish bathrooms.

Several food delights await you at the hotel’s dining venue. Males and females have separate gyms for their health and fitness. The hotel features top-class business centers to meet corporate needs. Indeed, this place offers a notable stay in the holy city of Makah. Pilgrims usually prefer to stay during their Umrah trip.

2-     Hilton Suites Makkah, Makkah

Perched aptly with a view of the Holy Kaaba, this hotel is ideally located close to the sacred Mosque. By offering a luxury stay to the tourists, Hilton Suites promises comfort and direct access to the holy sites.

From on-site dining options to the buffets, the hotel is famous for its tasty meals.  Moreover, the hotel has many fitness centers, equipped with advanced tools.

The corporate meeting rooms here are an ideal fit for business meetings and conferences. The hotel also provides concierge services, ensuring that guests' stays are seamless and their needs are promptly met.

3-     Fairmont Makkah Clock Royal Tower, Makkah

Located in the iconic Abraj Al Bait Towers, this hotel is a landmark of luxury. Each room is a gateway to the view of the Kaaba and Masjid al-Haram. It is more than a place to stay, it is a retreat that can boost the overall pilgrimage experience. From the rich Asian tastes to the 5-star local restaurants, guests at Fairmont can choose from a large number of dining options.

The hotel's services extend beyond food, featuring a fitness center, hot tub, sauna, and steam room for rest. The 24-hour janitor service ensures that every need is aptly met.

All rooms and suites are adorned in opulent Art Deco style.  With en-suite, Haram audio and marble bathrooms add to the luxury feel. For families, two-bedroom suites offer a stylish space, while Fairmont Gold lodgings and Royal Floor suites provide access to a private lounge with the services of a dedicated butler.

4-     Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency, Makkah

It is located a minute’s walk from Kaaba. The hotel's chic design, coupled with its advanced services, ensures a comfy stay for the pilgrims. With 656 big-sized rooms, including 25 suites, the place ideally meets various needs and interests.

Guests can enjoy partial Haram views and city views, enjoying the spiritual atmosphere of Makkah. The hotel's Regency Club Lounge offers an exclusive space for guests to relax and socialize. The male and female prayer areas in the hotel parking level offer a private space for worship.

One may enjoy endless access to free WiFi, and can also relish their favorite meals here. The hotel also offers 24/7 room service, a fitness center, and a janitor's service to help the guests with their needs. Whether visiting for Umrah or leisure, this hotel is curated to offer a meaningful stay in the holy city.

5-     The Oberoi Hotel, Madinah

This Madinah hotel is a blend of old architecture and modern luxury. Pilgrims choose this place because of its closeness to the Prophet’s Mosque.  Featuring elegant décor and top-class amenities each room in the hotel is a comfy place to stay. Whether it is a flat-screen TV, AC, or non-stop Wi-Fi, guests can enjoy complete access to lavish service here. Plus, the 24-hour front desk, janitor, and room services depict the hotel’s excellence.

For dining, this hotel offers a range of exquisite food items. The Moghul Room Restaurant serves ravishing Tandoori and South Indian cuisine, while the Tea House is a social hub with a wide range of premium teas and pastries. The Kyoto Restaurant presents savory Japanese dishes, including sushi and miso soup.

Guests seeking rejuvenation will find solace in the hotel's fitness center, and the spa provides therapies that promise relaxation and renewal. For business travelers, the hotel's meeting rooms are equipped to host events of various scales, ensuring every professional need is catered to.

6-     Pullman Zamzam, Madinah (pictured)

Being close to the Prophet’s Mosque, this hotel is known for its top-class services. It consists of 835 rooms and suites with modern Arabic and French design. With free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, and tea-making machines, these suites add a touch of comfort to the pilgrim’s trip. Some rooms may feature a sofa bed, offering families an extra space to rest. From Acacia to Al Mandara, guests can enjoy a large number of tasty food items in this hotel. Plus, this resort offers a 24-hour front desk and daily housekeeping facilities for both normal and disabled guests.

Hope this guide helped you and made your day. So, the next time whenever you think of booking luxury Umrah packages, don't forget to check out these hotels in your itinerary. Contact Muslims Holy Travel for a seamless journey to the Divine, and create memories of a lifetime.