What Makes a Good Pair of Sports Sunglasses?

What Makes a Good Pair of Sports Sunglasses?

Sports glasses are an essential piece of equipment for anyone who likes to do outdoor sports. The right pair of sports sunglasses protect your eyes from bright sunlight and will comfortably stay in place when you are moving at high speeds. They will filter glare off water or snow and heighten contrast for ball sports. You can even narrow it down to each activity. For example, baseball players should be finding the best pair of baseball sunglasses to provide adequate protection and ensure the best performance. The requirements for this will not match those for football sunglasses or fishing glasses.

What makes a good pair of sports sunglasses?

Comfort – One of the most important factors for your sunglasses is that they stay on your face. You might have the latest sun shielding technology and all the add-on features to your lenses, but if the frames slide down your face as soon as you start moving then they won’t be able to go the distance. Lightweight frames with grip in the right places or maybe even a strap to secure them in place are priority features.

Anti-fog aspects – You should invest in a special lens coating or opt for a ventilated design to prevent your glasses from getting fogged up during more sweaty activities.

UV light-blocking – This is an essential feature of any pair of sunglasses you buy, they must block harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Scratch-resistant – This is another important add-on feature to ensure your sunglasses will last and can hold up against the various knockings they might get throughout a game.

Anti-reflective – This is a feature that many do not think about but increasing the contrast levels can help enhance your surroundings and make a huge difference to your outdoor workout.

Photochromic lenses – You can try standard sunglass lenses but transition lenses that automatically darken when exposed to sunlight are an extra bonus and you will stay protected no matter how much the sun shines.

Style – This is the least important factor for your sports sunglasses but if you want to, you can get a trendier pair that are also suitable for when you are off the pitch. Just be aware that you may have to sacrifice some of the other features.

What makes a good pair of running sunglasses?

Like sports sunglasses, the best running sunglasses can be identified using two main criteria: comfort and lenses. Running sunglasses should not be restrictive or loosely fitting on your face. They need to be able to stay in place when you are bobbing up and down and not slip down once you start to break a sweat. The nose piece, the arms, and the bridge should all fit snugly without feeling tight.

The lenses need to block out both forms of ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB) in all weather conditions. Much like sports sunglasses, running sunglasses come in a variety of different tints and coatings designed to eliminate horizontal light waves and only let vertical light through. This reduces glare and enhances color so everything around you appears clearer and you will not find yourself squinting in the sun.