A New Chapter Begins at the Royal Evian this July

A New Chapter Begins at the Royal Evian this July
The refurbishment of the Hôtel Royal, entrusted to interior designer, François Champsaur, and head architect of historic monuments, François Chatillon, has given this centennial building its radiant aura back. The perfect combination of historic heritage and contemporary design, the Royal has lost none of its soul, in fact, quite the contrary.

The "crème de la crème" of this transformation is to be found on the 6th floor with the creation of 7 luxurious suites - 150 rooms and suites in all - from where the views of Lake Geneva and the Alps reach new heights of elegance. Seven new suites paying a renewed tribute to King Edward VII in honor of whom the hotel was built at the start of the last century.

The other 143 of the Hôtel Royal's rooms and suites offer a blend of period furniture and designer creations. Precious period wood - mahogany, oak, rosewood, satinwood - skilfully vies for attention with the more modern light wood. As for the Carrara marble used in the bathrooms, it has been carefully chosen with white and grey veinage before being completely polished for a contemporary, mat finish.

While the Neo-Baroque frescoes by Gustave Jaulmes have been restored, the blank walls have been covered with lithographs, etchings and various black and white photographs by Lartigues depicting famous personalities who visited the hotel in times past.

Charm, luxury and restraint are the keywords for this elegant renovation, in praise of good taste in perfect measure.

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