Across the Sumida River from Tokyo to Asakusa and Beyond

Across the Sumida River from Tokyo to Asakusa and Beyond

The Sumida River passes some of Tokyo’s most recognizable landmarks, including perhaps the most famous of them all, TOKYO SKYTREE. Besides the unsurpassed views from the top of TOKYO SKYTREE, there’s plenty to see and explore nearby too.


TOKYO SKYTREE dominates the city’s skyline, visible from practically every corner of the metropolis. The world's tallest self-supporting radio tower, TOKYO SKYTREE opened in 2012, and at 634 meters high it quickly became one of Tokyo’s most instantly recognizable landmarks.

TOKYO SKYTREE has two observation decks. The Tembo Deck is 350 meters above the city, while the Tembo Galleria is 100 meters higher at 450 meters from ground level. Both of TOKYO SKYTREE’s observation decks offer unparalleled 360 degree views of the city and way beyond. On clear days you can easily see as far as Mount Fuji.

Photo above ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

Sky Restaurant 634 (musashi)

On TOKYO SKYTREE’s 345th floor, is the Sky Restaurant 634 (musashi). Sky Restaurant 634 (musashi) serves exquisite Japanese and French fusion haute cuisine served 345 meters above Tokyo.

Sky Restaurant Tokyo©Tobu Hotel Management

The combination of the panoramic views of one of the world’s greatest cities along with the restaurant’s divine gastronomy guarantee a one of a kind dining experience. If arriving for dinner be sure to book a table in time to watch the sun setting for a truly unforgettable meal.

TOKYO Solamachi

At the foot of TOKYO SKYTREE is TOKYO Solamachi, a shopping mall that’s home to over 300 stores and restaurants. Among Solamachi’s huge range of shops you’ll find everything from mens and ladies fashion, cosmetics and skincare as well as a great range of Japanese gifts and souvenirs. Also located inside TOKYO Solamachi are an excellent aquarium as well as a planetarium that explains the magic and the beauty of the planets and the stars.

TOKYO mizumachi

Just a short walk from TOKYO SKYTREE is TOKYO mizumachi, a unique, laid-back shopping and dining space. Located beneath the railway arches of the Tobu Line next to the Kitajukken River, TOKYO mizumachi features a variety of shops that specialize in lifestyle and homeware products, as well as traditional Japanese confectionery and sweets.

Besides shopping, TOKYO mizumachi also has plenty of options if you’re looking for a tasty bite to eat. Whether you’re after a quick snack or a bigger meal, you can take your pick from TOKYO mizumachi’s range of chilled out restaurants, cafes and bakeries.


TOKYO mizumachi is also the start of the SUMIDA RIVER WALK, a pedestrianized river crossing that connects TOKYO SKYTREE with the historic and vibrant district of Asakusa in less than 10 minutes. The SUMIDA RIVER WALK is connected to the railway line that crosses the Sumida River Bridge.

Taking the SUMIDA RIVER WALK gives you the chance to take in the incredible views of the river, as well as Asakusa to the west side and the phenomenal TOKYO SKYTREE back to the east side. The views of TOKYO SKYTREE are particularly enchanting after dark. Each night until midnight TOKYO SKYTREE is illuminated with a scintillating and playful display of color. TOKYO SKYTREE’s lighting schedule changes daily, and each colorful presentation has a different meaning that’s connected to the Sumida area’s rich heritage and history.

Tokyo Skytree night©TOKYO-SKYTREE

Asakusa Station and the Tobu Railway

On the western end of the SUMIDA RIVER WALK is Tobu Railway Asakusa Station. Tobu Railway Asakusa Station is the gateway to some of the most famous tourist destinations north of Tokyo. One such place is the historic city of Nikko. Nikko is home to some of the most important temples and shrines in Japan, including the Nikko Toshogu Shrine, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


If you plan on visiting Nikko, consider buying the NIKKO PASS, which is truly convenient when traveling between Asakusa and Nikko. The two-day NIKKO PASS World Heritage Area includes the cost of a return rail trip to Nikko, as well as unlimited travel on local buses and trains in Nikko. The NIKKO PASS also gives you discounts to other attractions in the area, such as the miniature world of Tobu World Square.

Travel in Supreme Style on the SPACIA X

If you’d like to visit Nikko in comfort and style, then there’s no better way to travel than on the SPACIA X express train from Tobu Asakusa Station. The SPACIA X is the latest in a long line of express trains running between Asakusa in Tokyo and Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen in Tochigi Prefecture. Launching in July 2023, the SPACIA X boasts a modern and luxurious interior design.

Catering to various types of passengers, the train includes different seating options to choose from. Standard seats, box seats, and premium seats provide all the comfort and amenities needed if you need to catch up on a little work or relax during the journey. Private compartments and lounges are also available if you want to enjoy traveling in a private, cozy space.

Tokyo train interior

At the far end of the SPACIA X, the top-of-the-line cockpit suite can be reserved for up to seven passengers, and features a fresh contemporary design, with a wide view from the window, inspired by private jets.