Adler Thermae Introduces New Way to Tackle Stress

Adler Thermae Introduces New Way to Tackle Stress
Add in the fact that we spend so much time in front of a computer, tablet or smart phone, and it is not surprising that lots of us suffer serious tension in our neck and shoulder, leading down into the back; tensions that can cause all sorts of other ailments, including headaches, lack of concentration and insomnia.
Adler Thermae; HAKI Flow

ADLER THERMAE Spa & Relax Resort in southern Tuscany is introducing a new treatment in 2016 to help ease, if not solve, this modern dilemma. The HAKI® Method has been developed by Austrian therapist Harald Kitz to help release the tensions in our body through a range of special massage techniques paired with rhythmic vibrations, which re-balance the nervous and muscular systems giving the body a chance to regenerate.

The multiple award-winning HAKI® Method focuses on the head, neck and shoulders, releasing tension from these areas in order for the whole body to gain new energy and return to a state of wellbeing. HAKI® treatments, which are only carried out by specially trained therapists, can take place both on a massage table or in water.

There are three core treatments:

  • HAKI® stretch & relax (massage focusing on head, neck and shoulders; a vibrating effect is achieved using specific pulling, pressure and stretching actions)

  • HAKI® sacral (focusing on the body's mid-section, particularly the buttocks and back of the thighs; again, a vibrating effect is achieved using specific pulling, pressure and stretching actions)

  • HAKI® flow (using two elastic ropes, the neck, shoulders and back are gently stretched and rotated while in water leading to improved body alignment and a feeling of elongation; particularly popular with those who love water and its healing powers).

Two additional treatments are:

  • HAKI® sacral deluxe (specially designed for women, the treatment begins at the neck and leads along the back, with special techniques employed to ease and discharge tensions via targeted rhythmic and vibrating pressure; the treatment activates and enriches the body with the energetic fire of life)

  • HAKI® purna (a full body treatment, during which your body is brought back into balance from head to toe, using HAKI® movements; the busy person of today, who is desk-bound or whose muscles shorten on account of endurance sports or the demands of a physical job, will feel stretched and energised by this treatment).

In addition, guests are given exercises to do at home afterwards, so that the effects continue long after the treatment has taken place, bringing the body renewed energy and peace of mind.

Overall, the HAKI® Method supports general health and prevention by optimizing the guest's physical and mental power and agility. By focusing on the head and back, headaches and back pain are alleviated, with tension being released and muscles strengthened. The cardiovascular system is also stimulated and the immune system reinforced.

Adler Thermae is offering a four-night HAKI® treatment package, which costs from Euros 752 (approx £585) per person sharing a double on a half-board accommodation and includes one 50-minute HAKI® treatment of your choice; this package is only valid till 21 April.

Alternatively, individual HAKI® treatments can be booked at a cost of Euros 87 (approx £68) for 50 minutes, with HAKI® Purna, which lasts 75 minutes, costing Euros 125 (approx £98).

Visit for more details; bookings can be made by telephone +39 0577 889001, e-mail or via the website.