Adventure Begins Where the Road Ends: Uncover Remote Locations

Adventure Begins Where the Road Ends: Uncover Remote Locations

As the demand for remote and secluded travel experiences continues to grow in popularity, here we share a collection of exceptional destinations that offer immersive getaways in some of the most pristine and untouched locations around the world.

A Seaplane Journey to Nootka Wilderness Lodge

Nootka Wilderness Lodge, a Pegasus Lodges property, is a well-appointed salt and freshwater wilderness fishing lodge located in a remote sound on the west side of Vancouver Island – British Columbia, Canada,  approximately 160 miles northwest of the city of Vancouver. The lodge boasts a ton of outdoor activities for guests including beachcombing, hiking, whale watching, bear viewing, and cold-water surfing. The adventure begins even before the arrival, as the lodge’s location makes it inaccessible by car. Guests must make their way to Campbell River, where they will begin their journey to the floating lodge with a thrilling seaplane ride, soaring over Strathcona Provincial Park. The short thirty-minute flight is included with the trip package, where guests will take in views of the rugged landscapes and pristine waters, setting the tone for an unforgettable maritime wilderness retreat.

Remote Wilderness at Koros Camp with Stanley Safaris

Koros Camp in northern Kenya is a truly remote destination, accessible only via private transport as there are no scheduled flights to the area. Stanley Safaris incorporates this secluded haven into their Northern Kenya itineraries, making use of the camp's private helipad for convenient access and for guests to explore the region's stunning lakes and deserts from the air. With only six rooms, Koros Camp offers an intimate wilderness experience, perfectly designed for small groups. The camp's remoteness allows travelers to fully engage with the rugged terrain through various adventurous activities, including boating, helicopter rides, and quad biking. This isolation ensures a connection with the desert landscape, providing a sense of tranquility and African adventure.

Secluded Retreat in the Austrian Alps: eriro:

Accessible solely by a cable car, guests are greeted with breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks and valleys of the Zugspitze mountain as they ascend to eriro, a new luxury mountain retreat that redefines the Alpine experience in the remote Alps of Ehrwald, Austria. This exclusive haven boasts only nine suites, epitomizing intimate luxury and a deep connection to mountain culture. eriro honors the wisdom passed down through generations of mountain dwellers with signature experiences that connect guests to the cultural heritage of the Alps. Opposed to the usual sightseeing or beachside lounging getaways, eriro immerses guests in the essence of Alpine life to be intuitive with nature tucked away in the remote Alps. From learning to split firewood for the winter using sustainable techniques, crafting their own snow profile to understand avalanche risks, and hiking barefoot across meadows and mossy forests, eriro establishes a strong sense of place and connection with oneself and the mountains.

Fajã do Belo: The AzoresBest-Kept Secret

Fajã do Belo, located on São Jorge Island in the Azores, Portugal, offers a truly remote and unique escape for adventurous travelers. The adventure begins even before arrival, as the lodge is accessed via a brief mountain hike. Guests will see the dramatic, volcanic landscape of São Jorge, with steep slopes covered in lush forest descending straight to the ocean. Along the footpath, the fajãs—small flat areas of land formed by landslides and lava flows—will come into view, extending into the sea. Further along, they will spot terracotta-roofed houses built from volcanic stone, creating a unique and captivating view on the way to Fajã do Belo. Distinguishing itself from more conventional travel locations, Fajã do Belo offers an intimate connection to nature, surrounded by untouched mountains and waterfalls. Guests can enjoy a variety of activities tailored to their preferences, including canyoning, rock climbing, fishing, diving, or simply unwinding on the property. Surf enthusiasts can take advantage of the perfect conditions for all skill levels, while guided hiking trails lead to hidden lakes, waterfalls, and remote surf breaks, allowing visitors to explore the region from a local perspective. Whether seeking excitement or tranquility, Fajã do Belo offers a perfect blend of both, making it an ideal destination for adventure seekers and those looking to restore their connection with nature.

Tawana: Luxury Safari in Botswana's remote Moremi Game Reserve:

Natural Selection’s new-built camp Tawana, situated in the heart of Botswana’s pristine wilderness on the Moremi Game Reserve, opened in May 2024. Stretching across nearly 1900 square miles, the Moremi Game Reserve is a magical corner of Botswana renowned for its high concentration of antelope, predators, and large herbivores. Tawana is only accessible by helicopter transfer, alternatively, a light aircraft transfer from Maun to Santawani airstrip for an onward game drive to camp.

With only 8 stylish rooms, including three family suites, Tawana ensures an exclusive experience in one of the last wild corners of Africa.  Communal areas offer an elegant lounge, walk-in wine cellar, 16-meter lap pool, indoor and outdoor dining, and a lodge library filled with books about the local Batawana tribe.