AdventureWomen Offers Multigenerational Vacations for Women

AdventureWomen Offers Multigenerational Vacations for Women
AdventureWomen, Inc., the oldest worldwide adventure travel company for active women over 30 is announcing an exciting lineup of multigenerational adventure vacations for women only in 2013. The concept of “girlfriend getaways” is now a mainstream trend in the travel industry and the idea of multigenerational travel among women---where women choose to travel with important women in their lives like daughters, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and more---has become an industry trend.

"One of my fondest memories from my trip was of my mom after completing her first EVER long hike,” said Amber Marcum, previous guest on and AdventureWomen trip. “She was so exhilarated and proud and truly enjoyed where she was and what she was doing. I have always loved the outdoors and hiking, but it was at this moment that I realized "she gets it now". I was so proud of her and felt so excited that she had stepped into this outdoor world that I had long been experiencing and loving--and she loved it too!"

Women are more independent, have more disposable income, make up a large sector of the travel industry, and have the freedom and power to travel solo. Planning a multigenerational women's only getaway with your favorite women relatives can create lifelong memories and meaningful experiences that may not be found with other travel experiences. AdventureWomen, Inc. offers safe, fun, and adventurous journeys that challenge women to push past their own personal boundaries while creating a friendly and encouraging environment.

"I think that often we don't realize our own strength until we are put into a situation that is our of our comfort zone," said Marcum. “Only then do we realize what we are truly capable of. It is so important to share experiences with other women of all ages and backgrounds in order to realize that there really is something out there that truly unites us---and we see what strong and beautiful women there are in this world."

Celebrating 31 years in 2013, AdventureWomen, Inc. has been a pioneer in women's vacations and adventure travel since 1982. The oldest adventure travel company for active women over 30, AdventureWomen, Inc offers adventure vacations for women traveling solo, or with sisters, mothers, daughters, partners, and friends. AdventureWomen offers small, congenial, non-smoking groups for all ability levels. For more information visit