All you need to know about going to Phi Phi island from Phuket

All you need to know about going to Phi Phi island from Phuket

One of the best things to do when you are staying in Phuket is to go for a Phi Phi island tour. There are daily day trips operating from Phuket to Phi Phi with different boat types and different programs arranged. In this article, we will be talking about a few things to consider when Booking your day tour to Phi Phi islands from Phuket.

Check What's Included

Many operators try to catch the clients by making the tour price look cheap, however, you will find yourself paying a lot of extras when going on the tour. For example, some operators exclude the cost of the National Park fees, which is something that you will need to pay for anyway no matter which operator you will go with.

Some Others don’t include the cost of the Snorkeling equipment rentals, therefore, you will need to pay an extra amount to rent them when you are on the boat, and that may be quite expensive.

Another thing that you should consider when comparing the prices/inclusions of the tours is the meals included. Some operators include lunch during the tour and some others don't.

In summary, when comparing the prices of the Phi Phi island tours, don't only look at the price from outside, however, make sure to read the services included in details before making your decision on which tour you will go for.

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Check the Tour Program

Not every Phi Phi island tour is the same. There are many different programs arranged and Boat types operating. For example, some of the tours only include Phi Phi island and Maya bay. However, some other tours combine between Phi Phi island and Other beautiful islands such as Khai and Bamboo islands. Other than the Program, you can also Check the Boat type that you will go with as there are several ones operating. For example, you can go to Phi Phi by Speed Boat, Cruiser or Catamaran, each one is offered with a Different price and different inclusions.