AlUla 2022 Celebration Events in Saudi Arabia

AlUla 2022 Celebration Events in Saudi Arabia

The rocky yet visually stunning area of AlUla is one of Saudi Arabia's most captivating tourist attractions. The town has been home to historical relics, magnificent landscapes with over 7,000 years of history, 111 stunning Nabataean tombs at Hegra. It is also known as the oldest city in the southern peninsula.

Its 130 architectural sites consist of the fascinating old capital, namely dadan and Jabal Ikmah, a live museum of the ancient inscriptions on the rocks while allowing you to explore its rich culture, mythology, and traditions.

This one-of-a-kind UNESCO heritage site in Saudi addresses all your travel aspirations. Painted by nature with various cultural hubs to keep the history and art lover in you satisfied, it is also packed with adventure activities for those of you who are in dire need of an adrenaline fix.

A land that has preserved its pre-Islamic heritage and artifacts, AlUla is an exquisite place to explore with breathtaking views and grand canyons on the other side of Saudi Arabia.

Alula's spectacular, untouched nature provides a beautiful backdrop to explore the outdoors. Whether it's scaling the mountains with a local guide, strolling around the oasis fringed by palm trees, or heading to the dunes, Alula has something for everyone to enjoy. So why wait book your flights on Saudia and jet set for a new adventure.

AlUla helicopter

Celebrating AlUla's heritage

It all began as a collective vision of Saudi and the French government to bring AlUla on the world map of tourism and exhibit the city's exceptional features to the global audience.

In the year 2022, the Al-Ula governorate is hosting and organizing one of the grandest AlUla 2022 celebrations events in Saudi Arabia to showcase the enriched lineage, art, and culture of this mystical and magical city.

These events offer an amazing opportunity to explore AlUla and its surroundings, take part in many activities and entertainment events, as well as live performances, to get to know the various tourist sites and resorts that have been newly opened to the public.

Each resort has its theme, which fits with the nature of AlUla.The season will be full of fun activities and entertaining shows.

AlUla's celebrations reflect the Kingdom's vision of developing AlUla as a global magnet for tourism and culture. The festival will focus on bringing together a local and international audience, who will experience the unique environment and rich history of AlUla in an immersive, inspiring, world-class festival of arts, music, and cultural festivities.

The event has been designed under four categories in the following order:

*AlUla's Arts festival- 13th February – 31st March

We can address it as an art lover's paradise, inviting renowned contemporary art connoisseurs to exhibit different and mesmerizing art forms and create a visual treat for the visitors.

Aljadidah Village

Adorn with handpainted carpets on the pedestrian pathway is this tiny village that is bejeweled with colorful artifacts to take its visitors to a magical world.

Art square, Gathering square, Muayada square, Oasis square, and Qanat square are five dedicated, well-designed theme sites in the town that offer various fine dining restaurants, boutiques, live music, and other exciting events to keep you glued for a long time.

For all the art enthusiasts

Alula and Cortona

For exhibitions, training workshops, screenings, and talks.

Cinema Elhoush

To relish the charm of cinema under the open sky.

Athr Gallery

All about contemporary and local art of the region.

Madrasat Addeera

They are supporting a development program to train local artists to merge their traditional artistic skills with the contemporary.

Desert X ALULA 2022

Under the aegis of the charming landscapes, this international art exhibition will tempt visitors with its unique artwork display.

Path of poets

Celebrating legendary poets and their work with a live performance and storytelling as a narrative.

What lies within

Showcasing two decades of fascinating artwork of artists from Saudi Arabia.

AlUla Performing arts

It's a 10 days arts festival dedicated to the performing arts in several forms.

AlUla artists residency

It is a platform for 6 artists to showcase their masterpieces and research work while showing you a completely different aspect.

*AlUla's Sky Festival - 27th February – 12th March


It is a one of its kind visual experience, allowing you to gaze through the aerial view from the sky and cherish the beauty of the spectacular landscapes of AlUla. You will be spoilt by choices to experience it on a hot air balloon, a vintage plane, or a helicopter ride during the day.

Whereas after the dawn, you enter into a different world from the ground via an advanced Hitech visual art show called Constellation, where drones are used to mark different visible constellations and narrate the fables from the past paired with a musical performance titled Symphony under the stars to set the perfect mood under the starlit sky.

*AlUla's Wellness Festival - 17th March – 27th March

Keeping in mind the importance of mental and physical well being, this event creates a platform for all individuals to learn to practice a healthy lifestyle and the art of mindfulness while practicing yoga meditation in the serene and beautiful environment of an oasis.

Alfaone retreat

Offer fruit picking to soothe your senses with programs to calm your mind and body.

Garden of moments

Use Light and sound to carry you into the world of scintillating installations.

Ecotrail AlUla

Indulge yourself in adventure and fun activities, be it a marathon run or nature trail.

Five senses

A healthy haven for all the souls to experience wellness for mind and body.

*Winter Tantora Festival – 21st Dec. – 12th Feb.

Tantora referred to a sundial and reminder of old tradition when natives used to use it to predict the arrival of plantation season. Resonating the same is the festival's theme, which offers a buffet of events hosting international music concerts with famous artists as well as a number of artists inspired by authentic Arab heritage. Be sure to book in advance on Saudia to get excellent deals on fares.

Apart from the above, there were theatrical performances, fashion cavalry shows, Tantora celebrations, and much more.