Aman Introduces New Holistic Retreats and Experiences for 2015

Aman Introduces New Holistic Retreats and Experiences for 2015
At one with their natural, cultural and spiritual settings, Aman offers personalized timeout that enriches, uplifts and rejuvenates and has carefully curated a range of new wellness retreats and experiences for those who want to unwind, rediscover their inner calm, and re-charge in awe-inspiring locations around the world. Whilst some work with local traditions of wellness, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, others focus on movement, recovery and a host of therapeutic modalities providing the opportunity for guests to optimize their sense of wellbeing and conscious living.

Amanoi, Vietnam (pictured)
Holistic Specialist – July 15 - August 31
Raw Food, Neuro-Muscular Therapy and Movement – Throughout June

Cameron Walker is a gifted Holistic specialist from Australia with over 15 years of experience in Craniosacral Therapy, yoga, breath work and deep tissue massage. He will be in residence at Amanoi for two periods over the summer season, and will be offering sessions which work on releasing muscle cramps and negative patterns in the body and mind using a number of different healing methods. By placing equal emphasis on curing psychological, emotional and physical ailments, he will help individuals build a more empowered and refreshed outlook on life. Through this, the sessions will also give guests a sense of lightness and rejuvenation.

Amanoi will also host leading specialists in the fields of raw food (Dean Gleeson) and movement (Andrew Cox) during the month of June. Throughout June, Dean, an award-winning raw food chef, will run group and individual culinary lessons and will create raw food and juices. From 18 until 28 June, Stephen Kirwin, a neuro muscular specialist, will be in residence and available to release deeply held patterns of muscular tension that can result in pain and injury, and Andrew Cox will provide individuals with challenging and fun movement and fitness sessions.

Bordered by a national park and overlooking Vinh Hy Bay, Amanoi is a peaceful, private sanctuary offering the restorative balm of sun, sea and sand as well as an extensive Aman Spa on the shores of a lake.

Amanbagh, India
Shanti – April 1 - September 30

In Sanskrit, shanti means ‘peace': peace of body and mind; peace in the entirety of one's being. Amanbagh itself is a peaceful oasis which evokes the palatial elegance of the Mughal era. The three-night ‘Shanti' retreat allows one to discover the serenity of the resort and includes daily yoga, sunrise walks and an excursion to Bhangarh or a Champi Indian head massage.
Set on a garden estate within a walled compound once the staging area for royal hunts, Amanbagh pays elegant homage to the architecture and design of India's golden age. Contrasting with the surrounding landscape of starkly beautiful plains and craggy hills, the verdant oasis thrives on an underground source of water which supports a lush organic garden which in turn supplies the resort's restaurants with fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. After picking their own produce, guests can also take part in local Ajabgarh cooking lessons in a traditional gwaadi (village hut) on the property.

Aman Tokyo
Spring Seasonal Treatment – March 1 - June 2015

The largest and most comprehensive hotel spa in Tokyo, the spa at Aman Tokyo offers an integrated approach to wellness combining spa treatments, movement and relaxation in a serene, Zen-like setting. Situated on the 33rd and 34th floors, it has been designed to reflect the hotel's contemporary Japanese aesthetic with floor-to-ceiling windows revealing breath-taking views.

In keeping with traditional Japanese holistic culture, the spa menu features a number of locally inspired seasonal Spa Journeys which can be tailored to individual needs. Each Spa Journey begins with the traditional practice of Misogi - a water-based foot bath using seasonal Kampo herbs with mineral sea salt.

Spring is the season of renewal and in Japan this is symbolised by the blooming of Magnolia and the revered Cherry Blossom. As the flowers bloom, so do humans in their body and spirit. As such, spring is the traditional season for practicing Misogi to reflect this commitment to renewal and purification. This journey provides the awareness and sense of appreciation for the beauty of awakening the system within. Seasonal herbs used in this treatment include Japanese Mountain Nioikobushi (magnolia), Green tea and Sakura (cherry blossom). For the Spring Journey, the Misogi incorporates Nioikobushi which has an uplifting and awakening effect. This is followed by a body scrub containing Japanese clay, rice oil, and green tea. The treatment is rounded off with a body massage using Nioikobushi essential oil and rice oil with a reviving massage technique.

Amandari, Bali
Disconnect & Connect – Summer 2015

Available throughout the summer, Amandari's Disconnect & Reconnect retreat incorporates valuable introspection as well as active engagement with the resort's beautiful surrounds. Guests will spend time with Pak Cok Rai, a member of the Ubud royal family renowned for his insight and healing powers, and can disconnect completely with the peaceful cleansing of a Balinese blessing which purifies the spirit and relaxes the mind.
The reconnection comes through exploring the natural landscapes and local Balinese villages on foot and mountain bike with an experienced guide, taking in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Jutiluwih, rice goddess shrines and the dramatic contours of Ubud's rice terraces. A number of different routes are available as well as the option of a picnic lunch.

Verdant, spiritual Amandari is a physical gateway into Bali's rich inner history. Offering contemporary pavilions and Ayung Valley views on the outskirts of Ubud, the resort is an intrinsic part of Kedewatan Village.

Amankora, Bhutan
Inner Silence – June 6-14

The remote and peaceful settings of Aman's five lodges in Bhutan provide the perfect setting for uninterrupted reflection and meditation. In June, Amankora will host the Inner Silence Retreat which will fuse practises from Tantric Buddhism prevalent in Bhutan as well as Vedantic principles. Using the simple Buddhist technique of mindfulness, guests will be taught how to bring together awareness of body and mind on this nine-night kora (journey) aimed at developing deeper self-awareness and transforming the mind into a vehicle of enlightened thought. Each day will begin with a zen walking meditation that helps facilitate an awareness of breath, body and thought. Guided meditations, talks and simple exercises will also form part of the retreat and the final two days will focus on Buddha's teachings relating to the nature of suffering and the beauty of silence.

Amanusa, Bali and Amanjiwo, Central Java
Healer in Residence
Amanusa - June 8-29; Amanjiwo – June 29 and July 20

A leading expert in life coaching and stress management, Toby Maguire will be in residence at Amanusa, Aman's garden hillside retreat in Bali between 8-29 June, and Amanjiwo, located in Central Java and overlooking Borobudur, the world's largest Buddhist sanctuary on 29 June and 20 July. Toby draws from nearly twenty years of practising Eastern medicine and philosophy, and natural healing techniques. Guests at Amanusa and Amanjiwo will benefit from personal sessions with Toby, abdominal and therapeutic massages, Auricular Acupuncture (acupuncture of the outdoor ear), hypnotherapy, mediation and sessions in life coaching.

Situated on Bali's southern peninsula on a hillside overlooking the Indian Ocean, Amanusa guarantees privacy and seclusion making it the ideal setting for a healing and restoring experience. Amanjiwo rests within a natural amphitheatre with the Menoreh Hills rising up behind the resort and four volcanoes gracing the horizon.

Did you know…

Amansara in Cambodia offers a signature massage by experienced blind therapists who have overcome their disability with a heightened sense of touch.

Amanfayun in Hangzhou uses bamboo as an extension of therapists' hands to roll, warm and knead muscles during an aromatherapy massage.

In Turks & Caicos, Amanyara guests can opt for the ultimate in muscle tension relieving experiences with the spa's four-handed massage.

Aman Canal Grande Venice stocks organic room amenities hand made by female inmates from prisons in Venice, in partnership with the Cooperativa Sociale-Venezia.

Ginger, papaya, tangerine, and lime are all edible ingredients utilised in the Frangipani and Hibiscus Salt Glow experience at Amantaka, Laos.

Aman Tokyo works with Kampo doctors to bring aspects of this Japanese system of healthcare.

At Aman's Southern Utah property, Amangiri, the signature rituals reflect the principal of smudging, a Navajo (American tribe) tradition of setting an intention and purification before a new beginning or journey.

The Aman Spa at The Connaught in Central London offers the opportunity for guests to join in daily complimentary meditation sessions.

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