Amanyara Offers Executive Wellness Retreats in Turks & Caicos

Amanyara Offers Executive Wellness Retreats in Turks & Caicos

More than two-thirds of executives in corporate America’s top-earning C-suites say they are considering quitting their jobs due to burnout, according to the results of a Deloitte survey released. The survey found that 69% of C-suite executives said they were “seriously considering quitting for a job that better supports their well-being,” compared to 57% of regular employees who answered the same way.

With the current state of the burnt-out C-suite, Amanyara developed the three-night or more wellness journey, inviting executives to cultivate serenity in the face of stress, which Amanyara Resident Wellness Manager Toby Maguire states is the most common reason why guests seek out wellness at Amanyara. The Immersion helps shift focus inwards, guiding participants towards inner peace and lasting resilience.

Designed for those seeking to regain control of their lives and refocus on goals, the Mindfulness & Stress Management Immersion follows a program of physical and mental practices, supported by mindfulness and meditation techniques, centering spa rituals and healthy nutrition. Following an in-depth consultation on arrival, each full day of the personalized program incorporates a combination of physical movement, specialist treatment sessions and prescribed spa treatments to offer a bespoke pathway to a more peaceful lifestyle. Therapies such as hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga and Aman’s signature massage work in conjunction with a healthy Wellness menu to relieve physical stress and cultivate mental clarity.

Sample itinerary for one day:

8am: Breakfast from the Wellness Menu
9am: Morning wellness class (Pilates, Qi gong, yoga, Pranayama, personal fitness training)
10.15am: Wellness Therapy Session (meditation, postural reprogramming, hypnotherapy, physiotherapy)
1pm: Lunch from the Wellness Menu
5.30pm: Spa treatment (aqua bodywork, deep-tissue massage, Thai massage)
7pm: Dinner from the Wellness Menu

No stress management course is complete without the essential element of sleep. Perfect for C-suite retreat groups who need Amanyara Villas offer consummate privacy with stand-alone rooms within private grounds, only accessible to guests staying within the villa. Generously proportioned living areas and two to six bedrooms are set around a black infinity pool and hardwood deck. Overlooking reflective ponds and gardens, several feature ocean views while others offer direct beach access. All are serviced by villa hosts, and the three-to-six-bedroom villas are serviced by personal chefs.

All wellness activities -- from hypnotherapy to Qi Gong to spa treatments -- can be conducted in the privacy of the Amanyara Villas for complete centering and focus.

Image credit: Gary James