Amjad Khalid Infuses His Industry Expertise into Latest Restaurant - Dough Central

Amjad Khalid Infuses His Industry Expertise into Latest Restaurant - Dough Central

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world, it is a pillar of the Italian cuisine, and has made its way around the world with different countries and restaurants putting their unique spin on this timeless classic. If you are a pizza enthusiast, Dough Central is the premier location for great tasting pizza in Colliers Wood, South London. Dough Central has infused different cuisines into their signature pizzas, giving customers the option to enjoy popular dishes from different cultures, all on one great tasting pizza.

Amjad Khalid is the owner and founder of Dough Central, he is bringing his immense knowledge and experience of the restaurant business to make Dough Central a fan favorite for years to come. Before opening Dough Central, Khalid was responsible for the thriving, family-owned Indian restaurant/banquet hall, which first opened in 2015. Khalid is fortunate to have many celebrity friends from the world of sports, entertainment, fashion etc.- they all rallied around him to support Dough Central during the pandemic. They came to Dough Central not just because they are friends with Khalid, but because they are fans of the great tasting food at his restaurant. This speaks volumes about the restaurant, as world famous celebrities are only accustomed to eating at the finest establishments, suffice to say Dough Central has a flavor for everyone.

Dough Central has great signature pizzas and subs that has made the place a family favorite, they also have a large selection of dessert items, coffee, spirits, among other things that are sure to leave a smile on the face of even the biggest food critic.

Waffles are a popular dish around Europe and other parts of the world, but no restaurant makes them quite like Dough Central. Their mouthwatering waffles come with sweet and savory ingredients that will have any waffle aficionado coming back for more. The Hella Nutella Waffle is the most popular, it has a bed of Nutella topped with vanilla gelato, Kinder Bueno pieces, and is topped off with a drizzle of white chocolate. The Oreo Dream is a close second, made with vanilla gelato and topped off with crushed Oreos and a white chocolate sauce. The Banofee Pie Waffle is also a must-try. If you are looking to indulge in sweets, you can add a great milkshake or gelato to top off the exquisite waffle creations.

Amjad Khalid knows what it takes to run a successful restaurant, he reviews the menu every three months to account for items that are popular and in high demand with his customers. He pays close attention to any food trends gaining popularity in London and the UK, integrating them into his already robust menu, making it that much better. He also likes to change the base of the pizza every so often, he recently switched back to a traditional base from a sourdough base. With a virtuoso like Khalid steering the ship, Dough Central will be a noteworthy name for the foreseeable future.