An Expert Travel Guide to Iceland 2019

An Expert Travel Guide to Iceland 2019

The best way to see Iceland is by campervan, especially a four by four RV. Iceland is a country of rugged mountains and glacial rivers, a land of lava flows, volcanoes, and hot springs, and beautiful and fierce landscapes. There is nothing quite like it on Earth.

You can pick up your campervan Iceland from Reykjavik or the airport when you arrive. The campervan experience really brings your adventure to life. Sleeping with the elements just outside makes you feel at one with the land. It also increases your chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights.

After Leaving Reykjavik

Once you leave the capital, it is a good idea to head south along the Ring Road taking the N1 road. This will take you to Landmannalaugar in the Southern Highlands and this is a beautiful part of Iceland. As you will have to travel on the F-Road network, you will need a four by four to reach it. It is worth noting that these roads are only open in the summer.


Once here, you can savour the colorful and vibrant mountains and landscapes, hike through the Fjallabak Nature Reserve and savor the geothermal pools.

Much of the region has been shaped by volcanic activity leaving lava fields that look like they are from a dystopian sci-fi novel. Locals say they hide trolls and elves. A stroll through them will tell you that there might be something to that theory.

Most hikes through the region and there are a number of fascinating trails to follow. They are designed for all levels of hiker, and you should be able to find something for you.

Along the way, you will marvel at the color formations of the landscape caused by a mixing of elements such as sulphur, iron, moss, and rhyolite.

As you may have guessed this is where the Rhyolite Mountains get their name. Landmannalaugar can be a day trip or longer, depending on your schedule.


The Askja Caldera in the Dyngjufjoll Mountains is around 40 square miles and formed when the lava fields beneath the surface of the air collapsed due to volcanic activity. This led to three interlinked cauldrons to form. When you enter the region, you will first see the beautiful Öskjuvatn Lake.

This lake has a depth of over 600 feet and covers an area of around 8 square miles. It is Iceland’s deepest lake and simply beautiful.

When you’re done with the lake, you might want to check out the Víti Volcano. Here, you can’t fail to notice the lake is filled with sparkling blue water about 180 feet deep. It is geothermally heated and resonates at a constant 71.6°F.

Askja is only reachable using a four by four due to its highland location. It is south of the Vatnajökull National Park and due to its remoteness is often goes unseen by most visitors.


For a change of pace, why not visit Akureyri? This exciting and vibrant village was first mentioned in history books in 1562 although records show the first home wasn’t built until 1778.

The town is known for its dining and coffee houses together with the Græni Hatturinn (The Green Hat) where you’ll find a dazzling array of concerts and events.  Maybe take a stroll through the old town seeing the first houses to be built that have a distinctive Danish theme?

The museum provides a good insight into this part of the country and for a blast of color, why not visit Listagarðurinn (The Botanical Gardens)?

All sorts of tours can be found here including a trip to Askja.


Near the river Olfusá, one of the largest rivers in South Iceland you will find the town of Selfoss. Roughly it is about 30 miles from the capital and is situated on the country’s south coast. The town is an economic hub, and several of Iceland’s industries flourish including farming, small businesses, and horticulture.

The town is close to the waterfall of the same name and no doubt you will want to see it in all its glory. The town is also a great stop as it has a vibrant culture and hosts a number of summer events. Most notably the Sumar á Selfossi festival (Summer in Selfoss) where musical performers strut their stuff and a fete ensures with food and handicrafts.

You may also want to visit the Bobby Fischer Centre. This is a museum dedicated to the Chess Grandmaster who is buried in the region.

Iceland Weather

The is a little unpredictable. It is part of the Article Circle and as such temperatures can change rapidly. That said if you come in the summer months the whole country will be accessible and you will find yourself marveling at sights few have ever seen.

For the best adventure, visit Iceland. You will come back again and again.