An Interview with Blantyre’s New Owner, Linda S. Law

An Interview with Blantyre’s New Owner, Linda S. Law

Passed from one woman to another, Blantyre Country Manor Hotel remains an enduring symbol of refined elegance and timeless appeal.  It was love at first sight when Linda S. Law, a long-time real estate investor and developer, discovered Blantyre for the first time as a graduate student. She thought it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen and put it on her bucket list to buy one day. Nearly four decades later, she did just that and Blantyre reopened last year with a re-imagined aesthetic following a property-wide enhancement program.

When was Blantyre constructed?

When it was built at the turn of the century in 1902, it created employment for 300 construction workers.

You purchased the property in what year?

In 2015, it became available after being off the market for 35 years and I acquired it in 2016.

How you describe its overall new look and feel?

A bow to the past and a nod to the future.

Can you elaborate on this?

Blantyre is one of only 12 remaining gilded-age mansions in the Berkshires. It has been called the “Crown Jewel of the Berkshires” and welcomed generations of guests who have deep emotional attachments to the property. With this comes a tremendous responsibility to honor its rich heritage while also appealing to the next generation of luxury travelers.

What are some of the design changes you have made?

The color palettes are light and fresh with pops of blues, grays, moss green, and lavender. This not only accentuates its historic architecture but also compliments Blantyre’s natural surroundings and scenic landscape.

Tell us about the new service offerings that have been introduced.

Blantyre has always been known for its premier experiences and these are now more special than ever. In addition to being one of Wine Spectator’s Grand Award winners, we have a new Dom Pérignon Champagne Salon, which is the only official one of its kind in the world. Here guests can enjoy vintages offered exclusively at the resort, and a paired tasting menu. We also introduced a new Bistro and bar, and the Conservatory as a fine-dining option.

What activities are offered on property?

An enhanced spa, Olympic sized pool, bicycles available for guests use, tennis courts, workout facility, on-property hiking trails, lawn croquet, bocce ball, shuffle board, badminton, and ice skating and snow shoeing in the winter.


Endless cultural activities such as Tanglewood, Jacob’s Pillow, Edith Wharton’s Home, and the Norman Rockwell Museum to name a  few. There’s also hiking, biking and skiing nearby.

You have said that Blantyre was a part of the fabric of the community. Tell us more about the community.

As a destination, Lenox, Massachusetts is a cultural-enthusiasts dream. In fact, its Downtown Village was just named a Historic District by the state’s Cultural Council. We could not be in a more beautiful and inspiring setting.

What are you most proud of about Blantyre?

Every single one of our employees’ commitment to providing the ultimate guest experience.

List four things that people may not know about Blantyre.

  1. It was the first hotel in America to become part of Relais and Chateaux.
  2. John Williams wrote the score to Star Wars and Harry Potter while staying at Blantyre.
  3. The creator of Downton Abbey said the series’ flavor was “seeped out of Blantyre.”
  4. When D.W. Griffith, who directed and co-produced Birth of a Nation, owned Blantyre in the 1930’s, the headline in the local newspaper proclaimed he was going to “Save the Berkshires” by having Lenox become the Hollywood of the east.

Name one thing that every guest must do when visiting Blantyre.

Spend some time with Karin, our beloved piano player in the Music Room who has been there for almost 14 years There are countless incredible stories of his empathic abilities to predict our guests’ favorite music!

In one sentence, what makes Blantyre so special?

It is an example of the very few hotels that one can visit to exhale, get reinvigorated, and be surrounded by something completely authentic.

What do you think is Blantyre’s legacy?

The stewards of this property have always been very involved in the area’s philanthropic efforts and cultural assets. We continue to take this very seriously.

What is your advice to someone staying at Blantyre?

Breathe in, breathe out, slow down, and just take it all in.

What do you want people to say about Blantyre?

“I’ve discovered the ultimate vortex, and although I came to Blantyre to see the Berkshires, I never left the hotel.”