Anikka Becker - The Fine Art of Everyday Dress

Anikka Becker - The Fine Art of Everyday Dress
Beautiful fabric is the inspiration, natural fibers the foundation. Fine cottons and crisp linens are hand-selected in a glorious array of colors.

The designs have classic lines. Garments are made of quality fabrics taking pride in craftsmanship. Anikka Becker clothing is made in USA.

Anikka Becker puts style in everyday life. To make beautiful garments that also work, traditions ranging from couture construction to prairie practicality are drawn upon, from a fine pick-stitched zipper sewn in by hand to a graceful skirt, full enough to walk, run, or sit on the ground.

Dress is art. Every day is a reason to dress well. Anikka Becker is a women's clothing collection dedicated to the fine art of everyday dress.

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