Aran Sweater: The Perfect Companion for the Summer Season

Aran Sweater: The Perfect Companion for the Summer Season

Wool might seem an unusual choice for the summer, but our beautiful range of cardigans, shawls and sweaters from Aran Sweater Market are ideal for layering up and will take you from sunny days to chilly nights with ease.

At Aran Sweater Market, we have an extensive catalogue of clothing that is made from natural merino wool, and our designs are inspired by the history and landscape of Ireland. You’ll find natural shades that reflect the colors of the sea, the countryside and the plant life of our coastal areas, and stitching that tells the story of the people who made their lives in the remote and unforgiving environment of the Aran Islands.

Why Wear Wool in Summer?

When you imagine a day on the beach, you probably think of stylish summer shorts and t-shirts, along with swimwear if you’re feeling brave. When you come out of the sea, however, you’ll need to warm up and an Aran sweater or cardigan is a great way to transition into a cooler evening as you carry on the fun. Whether you’re having a beach barbecue or simply want to be prepared for a change in the weather as you take a summer walk, an Aran sweater is a flexible option that will ensure you look great whatever happens.

Aran sweaters are a great choice because:

  • They’re lightweight. Our collection is full of beautiful designs that add a layer of warmth but are light to carry and will easily roll into your bag without creasing. In the Irish climate, it’s good to be prepared for the weather to change and our Aran sweaters are a great way to handle unexpected clouds with style.
  • They’re waterproof. An unexpected shower of rain might threaten your summer fun, but an Aran sweater can ensure that you don’t get wet through. Wool is naturally water resistant and will remain waterproof as it takes on at least 30% of its weight in water. These sweaters were originally worn by the fishermen of the Aran Islands to keep them dry at sea, and if it’s good enough for them, you can be sure it’ll protect you from some summer drizzle.
  • They’re breathable. Aran wool is a natural fiber, so it’s a pleasure to wear and won’t leave you feeling sticky in the sun. The wool will wick away sweat and you won’t be left with telltale patches on your clothing.
  • They’re easy to care for. Aran sweaters are often ready for wearing again after a simple airing, and if they need a wash, they are easy to rinse out and reshape while wet. Your Aran sweaters should not need washing as frequently as clothing made from more synthetic fibers, and you don’t need to worry about ironing as they won't crease at all!
  • They look great. Of course, when you’re planning your summer wardrobe you’ll be thinking about the look you want. Aran sweaters and cardigans have been popular across the world for many years and the timeless style has been encapsulated by many icons and featured in Vogue magazine on several occasions. You can get the chic look you want by choosing from our stunning range of Aran sweaters today.

Our Top Picks this Summer

At Aran Sweater Market, it’s hard to choose our favorite designs. We love the muted pastel tones for summer wear, and throwing on a shawl or wrap can be a great way to cope with sudden weather changes. Here are some of our top picks from our collection this year:

  1. Patchwork Cardigan with collar. One of our most popular designs, the Patchwork Cardigan with collar is perfect for covering up as the sun pops behind a cloud or to make the most of a long summer evening. This cardigan features the classic cable, diamond and chevron stitches, which each represent elements of Irish heritage. You can choose from several rich colors or embrace simplicity with natural white or wicker, and the oversized ribbed wool collar is perfect throughout the autumn and winter, too.
  1. Super Soft Aran Crew Neck Sweater. Our classic fisherman’s sweater is a good choice whatever the weather, and is perfect for layering all year round. The Super Soft Aran Crew Neck Sweater is made from soft merino wool and works just as well for a smart or casual look. Available in tones such as Irish Sea, Slate Grey and Toasted Oat, this is a versatile and easy to wear style you’ll love.
  1. Super Soft Cabled Shawl. This Super Soft Cabled Shawl is the summer companion you need. Designed to be beautiful as well as unique and practical, this shawl features the cable Aran stitch and is designed to make it easy to wear without compromising on style. Lightweight and soft, it’s a great choice for sensitive skin and is ideal for adding an extra layer whenever you need it this summer.
  1. Ladies Cropped Patchwork Zipper. Ideal for throwing on over your summer t-shirt, the Ladies Cropped Patchwork Zipper is a unique and striking design you’ll love. It’s handcrafted using a variation of the cable, blackberry and trellis stitch, and is available in natural white and honey oat. This design is warm enough for wearing on a boat or when the wind is up, and ideal for an evening around the campfire. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

Embrace The Summer With Aran Knitwear From Aran Sweater Market

To add some beautiful Aran knitwear to your life, visit one of our stores in the Aran Islands, Galway, Killarney or Dublin or explore our fabulous online store. Our friendly team will be happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for, so you can embrace your Irish heritage all summer long.

Browse the catalogue today to find beautiful wool sweaters, ponchos and scarves, as well as traditional hats and caps, unique items for the home, and clothing and toys for babies and children.

Image credit: Aran Sweater Market