Are You A Thalassophile? Check Out These 5 Signs To Know

Are You A Thalassophile? Check Out These 5 Signs To Know

A thalassophile is someone who is passionately drawn to the sea in all of its manifestations. They are typically addicted to the sun, salt, and sand. Even when it's chilly and windy, they'll be strolling in the sand. They seek solace from the water when they are having a terrible day, and they celebrate life by hosting parties at the beach. If this description sounds oddly familiar, then there is a high possibility you are a thalassophile. Read this article to know the signs and characteristics of a thalassophile.

The Origin Story

Just like its complicated pronunciation, the word thalassophile has a complicated origin story. The word is derived from the Greek words thálassa, which means "sea," and phile, which means lover. When combined, thalassophile refers to someone who loves the sea or the water. Interestingly, Thalassa was also the Greek goddess of the sea. The sea wind and the calming qualities of living by the sea are deeply connected to thalassophilia. Here are the top five signs that you are a thalassophile.

#1 Your Happy Place Is The Ocean:

Your mood-enhancing agent is the ocean. You go there whenever you're upset in search of comfort. Regardless of whether it is quiet or stormy, gazing out into the horizon gives you inner tranquility. You feel more in tune with yourself and your surroundings when you are near the ocean. Unlike most people who might find gazing across the ocean dull, tiresome, or uninteresting, you find it comforting.

#2 Being Landlocked Makes You Feel Stuck:

No matter where you are, whether traveling for business in the city or seeing family away from the coast, you begin to feel stuck. The mainstream lifestyle of inland cities and towns makes you feel trapped and imprisoned. The only place where you can feel free and like yourself is near the ocean.

#3 You Are Frequently By The Sea:

Even when you're not working, you find yourself browsing Instagram for videos of adorable seals, fascinating fish, or surfing. The beach is your go-to place whenever you are on break from work or have extra time. Your morning cup of coffee, your post-work swim, or your weekends are spent near the sea. In fact, if it were up to you, you would always find something to do near the beach.

#4  You Terribly Miss The Ocean's Scent

Even though not many people enjoy the scent of salt in the air, algae on rocks, and the sea breeze, thalassophiles live for these things. If you could, you’d buy a bottle of ocean scent to use as a home room spray, perfume, or cologne to smell the ocean continuously throughout the year. Particularly in the spring and summer, you dreadfully miss the morning fragrance of sargasso, the waves, algae, and the warm breeze.

#5  Your Dream House Has A Water Body Nearby:

If you don’t already live near a coast, your dream house definitely does! Every vision of the future dream house cameos a beach or a water body nearby. You crave to live in countries like Greece and Portugal to enjoy the sun and the water. Even on vacations, your ideal destinations always have a water body near or a pool at your residence.

Final Thoughts

If you are a thalassophile, then your obsession with the ocean is not unfounded. There are scientific reasons why water bodies and oceans comfort people. The calming and relaxing effects of ocean views and tidal cycles positively affect people's lives and health. People who live near the water spend more time outside and are exposed to more vitamin D from the sun. Moreover, there is no comparison between the air people breathe anywhere else and the crisp, pleasant ocean air.