Aromaflage, A botanical fragrance with a function

Aromaflage, A botanical fragrance with a function
Aromaflage, created by husband-wife duo Melissa and Michael Fensterstock, is on a mission to create a novel solution to a real problem affecting millions of people. Mosquitoes are not only annoying, but also carry deadly diseases. Most answers to these pests are toxic and noxious and can potentially cause long-term health issues. The Aromaflage solution is focused on a healthy alternative to protecting one's family (while also smelling pretty darn great).

"My health science background lends itself to truly appreciating the science behind Aromaflage while Michael just love seeing people smile and being able to enjoy the outdoors carefree," says founder Melissa Fensterstock.

"Our discovery of Aromaflage was a magical coincidence. Our problem to be solved was to have a healthy great smelling bug repellent spray while we were in the southeast Asian jungles. We stumbled across a glass vial filled with this mystery blend. The rest of our trip was bug free, at least for us. It just so happens that the blend is handcrafted by Burmese refugee women. We needed to bring this juice to the world. Now we are making Aromaflage candles too (100% natural soy wax with a clean burning cotton wick). Everybody hates citronella!"

Every company has its own strategy, it's own DNA. The things that are important to Aromaflage are different from those important to some others. The power of botanical essential oils truly remarkable. Thousands of years ago through medieval times and still today, tribal cultures burned fruits and exotic plants to naturally repel bugs. This was before the introduction of chemical compounds that may be tied to negative health issues of today.

"We sign each box to health, long life, living naturally. Michael's open heart surgery was a reality check: people say life is short but in fact it is. Creating value and an honest and ethical way is what we doing with our company. We are extremely lucky to have each other and to be able to work on something in which we believe," Melissa says.

Fragrance is a very personal experience. Aromaflage is a functional product and can be used by anyone of any age. The packaging is designed for the chic woman in mind. Many pregnant women swear by Aromaflage as do their friends on the golf course, tennis court, and soccer field sidelines. Stay tuned for Aromaflage spice and sport in the near future - designed more for men!

Aromaflage can be found in a number of luxury hotels including Rosewood, Relais & Chateaux, and Canyon Ranch.

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