Art Santa Fe 2022 Announces Dates for its 22nd Annual Edition

Art Santa Fe 2022 Announces Dates for its 22nd Annual Edition

Redwood Art Group, the nation's leader in exhibitions and event production, media, and marketing for the global art community, announced that it will return to Santa Fe to produce Art Santa Fe after a three-year absence. The City Different's only contemporary art fair will take place at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center from Friday, July 15, to Sunday, July 17, 2022, and will be the culminating event of Santa Fe Art Week.

Art Santa Fe features extraordinary art from around the world, specially curated programming, events, and entertainment. As the crowning event in Santa Fe's week-long Art Week, Art Santa Fe is a unique opportunity to honor the region's deeply rooted cultural traditions while launching into the future with cutting-edge artwork and inspiring events, including live artwork demonstrations and more than 75+ national and international galleries and independent artists showcasing hundreds of extraordinary works from around the world.

Taking place July 8-17, 2022, TOURISM Santa Fe's Santa Fe Art Week features everything from visual and performance art to literary and culinary art. The ten-day event will feature over 100 unique experiences, kicking off on Museum Hill at the International Folk Art Market and followed by a week of events, openings and shows, art talks, live demonstrations and workshops at some of the city's 250+ galleries, museums and destinations.

A selection of confirmed exhibitors at Art Santa Fe 2022 include:

K-ART PROJECTS (Miami, Florida)

K-Art Projects USA (KAP) intends to keep their Art Santa Fe momentum going with a showcase of international artists. For more than a decade, KAP has been delighting Art Santa Fe's collectors with new original works and special installations from their celebrated artists.

  • Michele Voigt is award winning, known for her electric images of the human experience. Driven by the human condition, she paints images of circumstance, choice, emotion and fate, combined with the energy and influence of the past, all conjoined as a prism to the future. The work is a complex language of layering multiple levels of imagery, forming each of her signature style statement pieces.
  • Zammy Migdal is a sculptor who has developed his artistic creativity in self-standing sculptures and wall installations. His abstract art depicts images from his imagination as three-dimensional creations, bringing life and motion to new or recycled metal. Composition, equilibrium, and balance are the main qualities of his a, giving the viewer an experience the effects of color, form, and symbol.
  • After 30 years designing men's fashion, Andre Croteau has turned his seasoned instincts towards the fine arts. The study of 'color and light' has long held a fascination. Light, and the way it interacts with colorful, abstract features is an integral part of every one of Croteau's artistic dialogues. Recently, Croteau has turned his textile signature and his artistic attentions upon organic sculpture.  His first series, titled Banyan will be unveiled at Art Santa Fe 2022.

GALLERY EDEL (Osaka, Japan)

Gallery Edel has been showcasing Japanese contemporary art and international contemporary art in the United States for 20+ years. Delighting collectors and art aficionados with prominent international artists at Art Santa Fe for many of those years, Gallery Edel returns in 2022 with a slate of highly recognizable artists.

  • Famed artist Yayoi Kusama, known for massive installations that have been showcased aroundthe world, approachable glass sculptures, prints, and more, will be featured at Art Santa Fe,highlighting Kusama’s intent for the artwork to be owned by all who love and appreciate
  • Gallery Edel will also showcase other works by Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, William Steiger, TakeshiYamato, and

ART GALLERY PURE (Dallas, Texas)

Art Gallery Pure brings their contemporary art gallery vibe to Art Santa Fe, showcasing an artist roster of emerging, mid-career, and established artists. The curation of Art Gallery Pure's exhibition promises to be exciting and fresh with many of the featured artists on hand to discuss their newest works, as well as captivate fair goers with live demonstrations.

  • A self-taught contemporary abstract artist whose art is expressed with vivid colors and vibrant energy in textures and layers, Sharon Grimes resides in Santa Fe. Her showcased exhibition at Art Santa Fe will include oil on birch panels, in a series including a soft color palette. The large-scale pieces will be showcased in the exhibit.
  • With an attention to detail and strong knowledge of color theory, Jesus Moreno produces works that echo the timeless beauty of the Masters while also creating contemporary work that collectors bond to in a deeply emotional way. Moreno’s work is traditional, abstract, and sometimes surreal. He uses a variety of mediums and is constantly exploring and experimenting with his work. 
  • Inspired by apprenticing at a tailoring shop in his teen years, much of Hunter Connor's paintings are inspired by clothing design. Working mainly with mixed media, imitating the textiles and cuts found in high end fashion, the strictness of the figures against an atmospheric background gives the viewer a focal point in the artwork they are viewing. Connor is creating a new series unveiling at Art Santa Fe, Murmurations, including images of wingspans of birds in flight.
  • Art Gallery Pure will also showcase works by Christina Sodano, Daniela Pasqualini, Jill Maloufjulia Ross, Kelly Dillard, Kiki Zais, Kristi Zatyko, Larry Solomon, Melanie Berannan, Mike Elysass, and Rosemary Riddle Achelpohl.

CHAD DALY ARTWORKS (Irvine, California)

Chad Daly was spending money on materials to create his art, the realized he would rather take the material he was spending with and turn it into something more valuable by creating with it, displaying, and selling it. He decided to go all out on this idea by directly creating art with currency. Somewhere between sculpture and origami, his art features skulls, animals, geometrical shapes depending on the series and themes he chooses. Whether U.S. or international, his art is definitely worth it.


CJ Cowden is an intuitive fine artist who explores her inner self through the creative process. Cowden likes to say art found her, as a way to deal with a hard lesson in loneliness and despair. Her art is an essential part of sharing her message of peace, hope and joy with the world. She believes art can be a love language, and through her art, she would like to be part of spreading these fundamentals of life and raise awareness of the importance of enriching, healing, and bringing joy into people's lives.


Experimental endeavors in abstract painting have shaped much of Cary Henrie's portfolio, including highly textured landscape paintings that convey a sense of vast, peaceful stretches of land with suggestions of the way the mind works to perceive them. Aside from the western façade, Henrie draws inspiration from Italian frescoes and his time spent in New York museums. Ever interested in creating new looks, Henrie's most recent artistic experiments are reflected in his new Mirror Collection, which debuts at Art Santa Fe.

Santa Fe is widely recognized as the third largest art market in the U.S., one of UNESCO’s Creative Citiesdue to the city’s important achievements in arts and culture, and one of Travel & Leisure’s Top Art Cities in the World. For more information, visit