The Perfect Travel Garment: Artigiani Milanesi's Classic Cashmere Poncho

The Perfect Travel Garment: Artigiani Milanesi's Classic Cashmere Poncho
It is the effortless final layer for any long flight, cruise ship vacation, or chilly hotel room and can be worn at any time of the year.

Beautifully cut and constructed by Artigiani Milanesi, the second-generation Italian cashmere knitwear atelier known for exquisite custom-fit clothing, the Classic Poncho is ultra soft, lightweight for packing, and chic at endless occasions. It is the must-have piece for jet setters and absolutely de rigueur when flying private.

The Classic Poncho has a 17 inch collar that extends into a hood, and an 8 inch ribbed sleeve and two deep side pockets. The length of the poncho falls at thigh level. The most popular color is Snowmelt, a beautiful ice grey. The Classic Poncho is made with a 6ply yarn thickness and contains a luxurious 800grams of Italian Cashmere yarn. Each Classic Poncho is individually hand assembled and finished by our Italian Artisans.

Cashmere has been long celebrated for its fine, lightweight texture and superb quality, while its unique insulation capabilities make it highly versatile. The timeless Italian design and superb quality of the Artigiani Milanesi Classic Poncho creates an investment piece that can be worn fashionably year round; from the sideline of a polo match, as an elegant throw for a cool evening or bidding for exquisite antiques.

The Classic Poncho retails for US $980 and is available in 10 colors from the website, or at select retailers in Canada and New York. As each garment by Artigiani Milanesi is hand-finished to order, delivery is 2-3 weeks.

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