Asia Jet Launches Jet Card

Asia Jet Launches Jet Card
Asia Jet Partners Limited has created an entirely new category in the Asian private aviation marketplace and a unique way for many high net worth individuals and companies to hire private aircraft to meet their unique transportation requirements according to Justin Lee Firestone, Founder and CEO of Asia Jet Partners Limited.

Asia Jet Cardmembers are entitled to superior availability and unparalleled access of "occupied" flight time. Asia Jet Cardmembers have unique access to Metrojet's world class fleet of Gulfstream private jets. Metrojet, part of the Kadoorie Group led by Sir Michael Kadoorie, is Hong Kong's only fully licensed business jet operator specializing in aircraft flight operations, management and comprehensive aircraft maintenance.

The Asia Jet Card delivers the safety and customised service of full private jet ownership with only a prepaid commitment to become an Asia Jet Cardmember. Asia Jet Cardmembers can enjoy all the convenience of full private jet ownership without operational and acquisition responsibilities. All hourly flight charges and associated handling fees are debited from the Cardmembers prepaid balances each time they fly. The Asia Jet Cardmembers prepaid balance covers all of their per flight costs. All responsibilities of hiring and training flight crews, scheduling and maintenance are handled seamlessly.

This revolutionary concept provides a quality alternative to aging fleets and inconsistent service of some fledgling independent or low cost airlines-related charter operators in the Far East.

Asia Jet Cardmembers are guaranteed booking priority on the Asia Jet fleet, enjoy simple to understand pricing and the best availability in the region to hundreds of airports throughout Asia. The Asia Jet card offers prepaid access to the Asia Jet fleet of Gulfstream private jets. All flight services are operated by Metrojet, the gold standard and the most experienced operator in Hong Kong.

Asia Jet Partners Limited through its 24-hour Cardmember Services regional hotlines customizes the flight experience of their Cardmembers, making the amenities of their chartered jet an extension of their home and office by keeping peronalised profiles and preferences, noting the likes and dislikes for each of its discerning Cardmembers. In addition, all of the intricate details from ground transportation, governmental landing permits, VVIP catering and expedited customs clearances are handled seamlessly by highly experienced staff. Through an exclusive alliance with Metrojet and its comprehensive Hong Kong base of operations, Metrojet manages Asia Jet’s fleet and provides maintenance and flight operations services including aircraft scheduling and flight planning, flight and cabin crew management and flight dispatching.

Asia Jet Partners’ focus on safety follows Metrojet’s commitment to safety as the most important of its business principles, which are unique in the aviation industry. Metrojet pilots are among the most highly experienced in the sky averaging 8,000 hours of flight experience. They all possess comprehensive global and Asian flight experience and each undergo a comprehensive training program annually at FlightSafety ® International, the world’s preeminent flight training corporation which includes ground school, proficiency evaluation and fully certified flight motion simulators. Metrojet only hires highly qualified and very experienced pilots to ensure Cardmembers safety is never compromised.

"In today's challenging economic climate, current trends in private jet travel point to a demand for a program that targets a fiscally responsible client or corporation that may prefer not to put an aircraft on their balance sheet but that nevertheless demands regular access to the best aircraft safety, security and service quality," said Firestone. "Beyond the obvious convenience factor of the Asia Jet Card, by having our program operated by Metrojet, a sister company to the world renowned Peninsula Hotels, we can ensure our Cardmembers have a true five star service experience coupled with the impeccable safety and security record of Metrojet. A truly global aviation services company that flies all over the globe, Metrojet regularly flies to over 50 countries each year and has loyal customers who come from as far away as the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.

"For some business jet users, now may not be the best time to spend 20, 30 or even 50 million US dollars to acquire a private jet or even a fraction of one. Asia Jet has solved a problem for many individuals whose time and productivity is their most valuable commodity", Firestone added. "With an Asia Jet Card in their wallet our Cardmembers can just pay for what they need and enjoy a better balance between business and personal time commitments. Asia Jet Cardmembers can enjoy the flexibility to leave at the desired time they want, have the privacy and security of flying with colleagues of their choice and can easily visit two to three remote factories in one day and still be home in time to have dinner with their families. That same trip on commercial airlines simply does not have the same efficiency and can take 2-3 days. For the leisure traveler, Asia Jet Cardmembers can also have the freedom to spontaneously take family and friends away on a weekend trip to destinations like Phuket and Sanya that are insuffuciently served by airlines."

Chris Buchholz, CEO of Metrojet, said, "The Asia Jet Card concept is a unique product that broadens the market for premium private jet travel. Metrojet is delighted to be appointed to operate Asia Jet's state-of-the-art fleet and to manage all aspects of flight operations and aircraft maintenance for Asia Jet Cardmembers."

About Asia Jet Partners:
Asia Jet Partners is dedicated to providing a private jet card fractional program for the Asian luxury travel market. The founders and management team of Asia Jet possess unique aviation industry knowledge and experience of the private jet card and fractional business model. The Asia Jet Card fleet is provided by Metrojet through an exclusive alliance between the two companies. Metrojet, wholly owned by The Kadoorie Group, is an regional leader in private jet flight operations, aircraft management and comprehensive maintenance. Cardmembers enjoy access to premium executive-class aircraft with a guaranteed response time 365 days a year with as little as twenty-four hours anywhere in Asia. Asia Jet is a leading private aviation company and is the most flexible and economically sound approach to private aviation. The program features the best availability in the region as well as both one-way and round-trip pricing at fixed hourly rates. All Asia Jet flights are built off the company's superb reputation for service and safety and offers clients expert solutions for specific itineraries, including complex road shows, and international travel.

Metrojet is regularly audited by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department as well as numerous other governmental regulatory bodies that include the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. Metrojet flights are conducted by highly experienced, fully trained and qualified flight crews that exercise full operational control at all times. All Metrojet flights meet or exceed all regulatory and safety standards. BBC World as well as publications including Elite Traveler, Hong Kong Tatler, Aviation International News, Private Air, Professional Pilot and Flight International have featured Metrojet as a leader in private jet flight operations, aircraft management and comprehensive maintenance.

The Asia Jet Card caters to businesses and individuals who desire access to one of the world’s best fleet and service. Cardmembers can now combine the benefits of private jet ownership with the flexibility of a short-term commitment, no capital investment, no monthly maintenance costs and no risk. Asia Jet Card customers can enjoy the flexibility of aircraft ownership without the financial burden. For additional information, visit the Company's website at or call +852-3756-3700.

About Metrojet:
Metrojet Limited is an Asian pioneer and regional leader in business aviation services. Metrojet is wholly owned by The Kadoorie Group that was established in Asia over a century ago with a strong presence in China. Besides Metrojet, The Kadoorie Group's other key interests include The Peninsula Hotels and China Light & Power, which supplies all of the electricity to Hong Kong International Airport. Metrojet is Hong Kong's only fully licensed business jet operator specializing in aircraft flight operations, management and comprehensive maintenance. Access to the Metrojet fleet is also available in the form of a Asia Jet Card, sold on an all-inclusive, pre-paid basis, through an exclusive alliance with Asia Jet Partners.

Operating under strict Part 121 airline equivalent Hong Kong standards, Metrojet offers world class service as a sister company of The Peninsula Hotels. Metrojet is a full Gulfstream Authorized Warranty Repair Facility as well as an Aircraft Service Facility for Bombardier's Learjet, Global and Challenger aircraft. In addition, Metrojet's avionics, engine and airframe engineers also have ratings on a wide range of Airbus, Boeing, Cessna Citation, Dassault Falcon, Hawker Beechcraft and Embraer aircraft. Metrojet together with its sister company Heliservices form the Hong Kong Aviation Group, which began in 1978 and currently manages a growing fleet of over 20 aircraft and carries out maintenance on numerous additional aircraft as the most comprehensive business jet maintenance service center in the region.