Assouline's First Safari Book 'African Adventures: The Greatest Safari on Earth'

Assouline's First Safari Book 'African Adventures: The Greatest Safari on Earth'

Safari implies a journey, which is the essence of Assouline's first-ever book on the subject. African Adventures: The Greatest Safari on Earth is the ultimate odyssey envisioned by ROAR AFRICA CEO & Founder Deborah Calmeyer and photographed by Aline Coquelle. Each page bursts with beauty and awe at the wildlife, landscapes, light and people that are Africa's beating heart.

African Adventures delivers a visual dreamscape and deep immersion into what is “The Greatest Safari on Earth” – exploring four of the most iconic experiences in Africa – alongside the ground-breaking artists, musicians, sommeliers, designers and conservationists blazing a trail in the land of their birth. Every page holds an odyssey - from the thunder of Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls and the floodwaters of the Okavango Delta in Botswana to Kenya's Great Migration, ending with the last mountain gorillas in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park. This magnificent homage to Africa explores the continent from above, below and within, uniting Coquelle's artistic lens with Calmeyer's Zimbabwean perspective and African connections.

"I am elated and incredibly proud that Assouline and Aline Coquelle chose The Greatest Safari on Earth for their first-ever safari book. It is an honor to spotlight the most wild and wondrous experiences my home continent has to oer. Assouline is an ultra-luxe brand anchored in heritage, passion and purpose, just as we are. This book is an ode to the vibrant history, craft, culture and, indeed, culturemakers – the people behind the places we know and love – in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya and Rwanda,” says Calmeyer.

“In an increasingly digital world, tangible treasures and transformative experiences mark the new frontier of luxury. In each destination, we introduce my friends to Coquelle's lens – from safari guide Ike Mogalakwe and sommelier Joseph Dhafana to percussionist Kasiva Mutua, conservationist Prosper Uwingeli, tracker Jolie Mukiza, and memoirist Alexandra Fuller, alongside emerging new design talents like Randy Gowan and artist Moat Takadiwa. Nature is our nurture, and this book showcases Africa as you've never seen it before. The creativity, optimism, out-of-this-world adventure and spectacular beauty of these four countries will take root in every reader's heart, mind, and soul,” she adds.

African Adventures: The Greatest Safari on Earth, comprising 300 pages with 350 illustrations and original photographs launched June 8, 2023, on at an RRP of $105.00