Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai Set to Be One of the Largest Waterparks In The World

Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai Set to Be One of the Largest Waterparks In The World

It’s the announcement that thrill-seekers the world over have been waiting for: brand new, world exclusive waterslides and two brand-new towers are being launched at Atlantis Aquaventure from 1st March 2021. Increasing the size of Atlantis Aquaventure by a third, and featuring a total of 28 new record-breaking waterslides and attractions (12 in Trident Tower and 16 in Splashers), hero experiences include the world’s tallest waterslide of its kind, the longest family water coaster in the world of its kind, the tallest vertical drop body slide in the Middle East and the region’s first cliff jumping experience.

Embarking on its year-long journey of innovation, every time adventure lovers visit Atlantis Aquaventure in 2021 there will be something new and exciting to experience. At 157 feet tall, Trident Tower – the biggest in Aquaventure – boasts 12 record-breaking waterslides and attractions. Splashers Lagoon and Splashers Cove, meanwhile, feature 16 sensational waterslides and attractions. Designed for endless hours of water-based fun, together they form the biggest kid’s only waterpark experience in the Middle East.


Trident Tower

Odyssey of Terror

Riders accelerate and gain speed and momentum as they sweep up and across the apex of the wave where they momentarily experience near weightlessness before freefalling down the other side of the curved wall.

  • Thrill Level: HIGH THRILL
  • Family rafting ride
  • First slide in the region with a Double TornadoWAVE®
  • World’s tallest waterslide with a Double TornadoWAVE®


This unique water ride is a combination of speed, power, and rafting adventure all in one. Families of up to six blast forward 1,473 feet for over one-minute through a series of tunnels, at the speed of a giant slalom ski course. Riders drop and dive as they race along the outer wall of the curve anticipating the next change in direction as they look down the fall-line.

  • Thrill Level: MODERATE THRILL
  • Family rafting water coaster
  • The world’s first MammothBLAST™ family rafting water coaster
  • The longest family rafting water coaster in the world

Medusa’s Lair

An intricate web of twists and turns, just like Medusas’ snaky hair. Riders are blasted through a series of dark caves, steep slopes and drops as they race one another to the end.

  • Thrill Level: HIGH THRILL
  • Tube ride
  • First dueling PIPElineBLAST® Water Coaster slide in the region
  • Longest dueling PIPElineBLAST® Water Coaster in the world


Billed as the scarier sister to Leap of Faith, daring riders plummet down an almost-vertical drop that delivers extreme thrills and high velocities from beginning to end.

  • Thrill Level: HIGH THRILL
  • Tallest vertical drop body slide in the Middle East

Hydra Racers

Four racers at a time can challenge one another to be the first to the bottom to win the "trident"

  • Thrill Level: MODERATE THRILL
  • Mat Racer
  • World’s first RallyRACER® with crossover RallyPOINT™ design


This twister accelerates riders in tubes through open flumes into back-to-back turns, curves, drops, 360 and high-banking loops, for a fun and thrilling ride. Riders experience accelerating vertical curves as well as tight, compound curves which creates a very dynamic ride from top to bottom.

  • Thrill Level: MODERATE THRILL
  • Drop slide

Immortal Falls

Experience Dubai's first thrill-seeking, gravity-defying cliff jumps - leaping down the Immortal Falls for those that dare to dive.

  • Thrill Level: MODERATE THRILL
  • Cliff Jumping
  • First Cliff jumping in the region

Raging Rapids

Guests can experience what it feels like to be raging through a number of roaring water elements, from powerful waves, high-pressure bubbles and currents to tempt the most daring youngsters and adults alike.

  • Thrill Level: LOW THRILL
  • Body rapids

Splashers Lagoon & Splashers Cove

Record-breaking slides include

  • Riptide: The Middle East’s first six-lane KIDZ ProRACER®
  • Comet Racers: The world’s first KIDZ RallyRACER®
  • Swirl: The first KIDZ TORNADO 24® slide in the Middle East (twice the size of Aquaventure’s existing KIDZ TORNADO® 12 at Splashers Island)

Open to external guests too, one does not have to stay in the resort to experience Trident Tower or enjoy the leading waterpark in Dubai and the Middle East. To get the best out of Aquaventure, we recommend UAE residents to purchase our Aquaventure Annual or Season Pass. For those visiting Dubai, a two-day pass would be perfect, with unlimited access to the waterpark, beach and The Lost Chambers Aquarium for two full days.

A resident Day Pass starts at AED 169 for adults and AED 149 for children. Annual Passes start from AED 495 and Season Passes start from AED 299. For the best rate, book tickets in advance at