Avis Transforms Car Rental Experience

Avis Transforms Car Rental Experience

Don't like the car assigned to you? Simply swipe and choose another in real-time. Want to extend your car rental or view your rental agreement? Done. No more waiting at counters, no more uncertainty.

Created with customers' input, Avis Now provides complete flexibility, ease and control over the car rental experience and is compatible with all vehicles in the Avis fleet, with special features designed for connected cars that enhance the overall experience. Travelers enrolled in Avis Preferred, the Company's express rental/loyalty program, now have the power to do the following, and more, right from their smartphone:

Choose the exact car they want: View which cars are available in real-time. Exchange or upgrade a vehicle before arriving at the lot, or when on the lot. In the mood for a different color or a convertible instead? Simply swipe, tap and drive away.

Get real-time updates for peace of mind: Receive important real-time notifications about their trip. Access an instant view of the rental agreement, confirm fuel or mileage and obtain assistance on demand. All this via a convenient app built for control, time savings and a successful trip.

Avis Now can be used at more than 50 locations across the United States and will be available in select international markets in the coming months.

Avis Now is available to all Avis Preferred members via the Avis mobile application for devices on the iOS and Android platforms. Avis Preferred is free to join. For more information on Avis Preferred or to enroll, visit www.avis.com.

Control their rental experience from start to finish: Confirm, cancel or extend a rental in the app. Lock and unlock doors, or flash the headlights to help find their car. Return the car without assistance, with speed and simplicity – all from technology in their pocket.