Awesome Digital Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Techie Friends and Family

Awesome Digital Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Techie Friends and Family

The winter holidays are almost upon us, and now is an excellent time to think about gifts you may want to give your loved ones.

While traditional gift-giving involves buying or making physical items for your loved ones, new technologies have given us alternative options. Instead of shopping for physical items, you can give your loved ones digital gifts for the holiday season.

Read below for ideas on digital items you can purchase and gifts you can give your techie loved ones.

What is a digital gift?

A digital gift is a present or item delivered electronically or online rather than in a physical form. Any digital item can be a digital gift, although some companies offer specialized gifts or packaging for these items.

Digital gifts can be a convenient way to send presents to your techie loved ones without needing to go shopping physically. They also make excellent long-distance or last-minute gifts, as you can get these digital gifts instantly after payment. You can easily send these digital goods through email or instant messaging.

These gifts can take various forms. The most common types include the following:

  • Digital gift cards. These cards are electronic versions of traditional gift cards that you can use to make a purchase at specific stores or for online services.
  • E-books and audiobooks. These items are digital books or audio narrations that people can download and read or listen to on electronic devices.
  • Digital subscriptions. These subscriptions include memberships to streaming services, magazines, or online courses. The recipient gains access to digital content or services for a set duration.
  • Digital downloads. These digital items include movies, music, video games, or software that recipients can download and use on their computers, phones, and other devices.
  • Online experiences. These are virtual experiences similar to physical ones, such as virtual tours, online classes, webinars, and workshops.

Digital Holiday Gifts for Techies

A good gift-giver ensures the gift they choose suits the recipient. If you have a loved one who is a techie, it’s essential to take note of their hobbies and interests to select the best gift for them, even if it is a digital one.

Talk to them (or stalk their social media) to see what kinds of activities they enjoy or items they would want. This research phase helps you choose a gift that suits the recipient’s personality. You can also ask their friends or family members to see if they want something in particular.

If you still need some ideas, here are some digital gifts you might consider giving your techie friends or family members:

Game store gift cards

Some techies enjoy playing video games to unwind, spend time with friends, or play competitively. If you know that they enjoy gaming but don’t know what games they like, you can get them a game store gift card to spend on digital stores.

Digital game store card values can range from a buck to hundreds of dollars, depending on the company, store, or console offering the card. Retailers and game companies like PlayStation, Xbox, GameStop, Nintendo, and Steam offer these cards.

You might also want to do some research on how much games cost on each platform. This information can help you get a better idea of the value of the gift card you want to purchase.

Individual games

If your loved one is a techie gamer and you already know the types of games they like, you can also purchase individual games as a gift.

Aside from knowing the types of games they like, it’s also important to know what device or console on which they play games. It could be a personal computer, an Xbox, or a PlayStation.

Steam, Amazon, GameStop, and other marketplaces offer digital vouchers for several games from popular or independent game developers.

Streaming subscriptions

Streaming platforms have become the place for people to watch movies and TV shows. If your techie loved one lives a stressful or busy life, they might appreciate an opportunity to unwind on their double recliner with some quality entertainment.

A subscription voucher to a streaming service could make an excellent gift for them. Choose a platform that they prefer or one that hosts shows that cater specifically to their preferences.

Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are some popular choices. There are also niche streaming platforms hosting shows and movies of specific genres, like true crime, documentaries, media analysis, and many others.

Password managers and security software

Your techie loved one likely has several online accounts on various websites and platforms. If online security is a priority for them, they probably use different secure passwords for each account, which can be challenging to remember.

A password manager can help solve this issue and keep track of their many online accounts and login credentials. Password managers, alongside other types of security software like antivirus programs and VPNs, could be an excellent gift for them this holiday season.


For techies who love to read, e-books are an excellent choice. E-books are digital versions of books that they can read on e-readers, tablets, or smartphones. They are often a popular alternative to physical books, especially for techies who pack light.

Take your time picking out a book that aligns with your loved one’s preferences and interests. You can purchase e-books from various online stores, including Amazon Kindle and Apple Books, and send them as gifts to the recipient’s digital library.


Audiobooks are a digital or audio recording of a book that allows people to listen to the content rather than reading it.

They work well for people who prefer to consume books through listening. Your loved ones could listen to music while commuting, exercising, working, relaxing in their double recliner chair, or doing household chores.

If your techie loved one is always busy or on the go but still wants to consume books, you may gift them an audiobook or more. A subscription to an audiobook service like Audible could also be an excellent gift, as your friend or family member could choose the audiobooks they want.

Online courses

Learning is a lifelong journey, and many techies enjoy expanding their knowledge and skills. There are online courses for nearly everything, including tech-related subjects such as programming, cybersecurity, data science, etc.

Consider gifting your loved one an online course or a subscription to an e-learning platform like Coursera, Udemy, Masterclass, or LinkedIn Learning. This gift allows them to explore new subjects or enhance their existing skills from the comfort of their own home.

3D printing gift cards

3D printing has been gaining popularity these past few years. It has also become more accessible for people who want to get into it as a hobby or professional endeavor. However, buying all the equipment and materials can be expensive.

If your loved one likes designing 3D printing projects, you can get them a gift card they can use for 3D printing services and equipment. Matterhackers offers digital gift cards to help your giftee with their 3D printing projects.

Music subscriptions

Your friend or loved one might like listening to music while working or doing other activities. Nowadays, a music streaming subscription is a necessity for most people.

For techies who love music, a subscription to a streaming service like Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal is an excellent gift. They can enjoy ad-free music, create playlists, and discover new tracks to enhance their audio experience.

Coffee shop gift cards

Coffee is a staple for productivity, and a coffee shop gift card can make coffee runs more convenient. It can also provide an opportunity for your loved one to take a break from the office and spend some time enjoying their favorite drinks.

A digital gift card to a favorite coffee shop or café can provide a cozy and refreshing environment for them to relax, work, or socialize. It’s a thoughtful way to support their coffee cravings and moments of relaxation.

Meditation apps

In our fast-paced world, relaxation and mindfulness are essential. Meditation is an excellent way to unwind and promote mindfulness, which your friend or loved one might appreciate, especially if they live a busy life.

A subscription to a meditation app could be an excellent gift for those who want to start meditating. Your friend or family member could meditate anywhere, from their desk, bedroom, on the double recliner in their living room, and even outdoors.

Gift them a subscription to a meditation or mindfulness app like Headspace or Calm. These apps offer guided meditation sessions and relaxation techniques that reduce stress levels and improve overall well-being.

Giving Thoughtful Presents for the Holidays

Giving gifts is an excellent way to show appreciation and care for your loved ones this holiday season. Consider our suggestions above for the techies in your life as a way to show support for their passions and interests. There is always a perfect gift for everyone.