9 Awesome Things to Do in Guam

9 Awesome Things to Do in Guam

Guam is a gorgeous island that is one of the most beautiful places you can visit. This unincorporated territory of America has so many amazing features and highlights like its great weather and sandy beaches. If you’re thinking about taking a trip or relocating to Guam, have a look at some of these amazing and fun things to try while you’re there

Watch the Sea Life in a Unique Way at the Fish Eye Marine Park

For anyone who’s looking to catch a glimpse of the natural fish and wildlife below the water but who’d prefer to stay dry, check out the Underwater Observatory at the Fish Eye Marine Park. The Fish Eye Marine Park has several amazing activities to immerse yourself in the culture of Guam but one of their most unique is the observatory which has a 360° view of the seafloor and gives you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After you, up the winding staircase, there's another view over the oceans that lets you see the fish from up above too!

Hike to the Beautiful Pagat Cave

If you are looking for a gorgeous spot that will impress anyone then take a look at Pagat Cave. The cave is accessed after a small one-mile hike and it requires a flashlight to access it properly. The trail is marked by arrows and those who have traveled recommend sturdy shoes and bring your camera. The cave leads to a beautiful grotto with chest-high water so consider bringing an extra set of clothes if you plan on taking a dip.

Dive with History at the Apra Harbor

Anyone who wants to take some time to do some scuba diving in Guam will love exploring the amazing and historical treasures in the Apra Harbor. This area has 2 separate shipwrecks that have sunk next to each other, with one being from WWI (the SMS Cormoran from Germany) and the other being from WWII (a passenger/cargo ship from Japan). This is the only place in the world where you can investigate shipwrecks from both world wars at the same time and it’s a unique adventure for even the most seasoned scuba diver.

Take in the Culture at the Chamorro Village Market

The market is a fantastic place to experience some true culture in Guam by enjoying the local market, cuisine, and performances. Wednesday night is when the market gets into full swing and it’s the perfect time to bring the whole family and find yourself some great cuisine or souvenirs. They also have family-friendly presentations and performances including water buffalo rides so there’s something fun to do for everyone in the family.

Tanguisson Beach

Take a guided boat tour of the area with the Valley of the Latte jungle boat cruise

If you want to see the jungles of Guam and learn about the Chamorro heritage then this is the perfect boat tour for you. Explore the local flora and fauna as you cruise through the River Talofofo and the River Ugum on a riverboat and stop at a Chamorro village to learn more about the local culture plus see demonstrations from locals. The 4-hour tour requires booking and payment beforehand so contact them beforehand to make sure you’re able to get your seat secured.

Climb the World’S Tallest Mountain (Nope, Not That One!)

If you are looking for a hike that’s a bit more strenuous than the Pagat cove hike then head over to the Lamlam summit and make sure to pack sunscreen and snacks for the hike. This hike is a 2-hour ascent that will give you the bragging rights of climbing the World's Tallest Mountain. Because the Lamlam summit actually starts underwater (the summit is roughly 37,000 ft with only 1,332 of them above the water), the change in elevation from the bottom to top makes it the tallest mountain while Mount Everest is considered by experts to be the “highest mountain”.

Remember Guam's History While Enjoying Its Nature at the South Pacific Memorial Peace Park

Any history buff will tell you that Guam had a large part in many different wars and its history is full of battles that were fought nearby. The South Pacific Memorial Peace Park is a testament to the hard work that the soldiers put into the war and it features a few different memorials to the fallen soldiers. There is also a cave system to explore that was used during the wars to hide soldiers and command posts along with a Buddhist chapel that houses some artifacts from the wars.

Guam sunset

Tarza Water Park

For anyone who wants to experience some fun in the water but prefers to stay away from the beaches, check out the local waterpark Tarza Water Park. The park is great for the whole family and it features a lazy river, open and closed slides, and even a 50-foot high drop that will get your blood pumping. The price of admission is free and the park is open from 10 am to 5 pm.

Get Entertained with the Taotao Tasi the Beach Dinner Show

This exhilarating live show features fire dancers and performers in amazing costumes on a 150-foot stage. It’s the only dinner show in Guam that is performed on a beach so you can enjoy a delicious meal while you watch some great entertainment. The dinner and show experience last a total of 1-2 hours and there are pickups from most major hotels in the area.

There are tons of fun and exciting adventures you can take in Guam. Whether you’re looking for a deep-sea adventure or you’re looking to learn a bit of history, Guam has you covered. Explore some of these incredible sights and amazing experiences on your next trip to Guam.