Back-to-Basics: Monarch Air Group’s 2021 Luxury Travel Outlook

Back-to-Basics: Monarch Air Group’s 2021 Luxury Travel Outlook

Fort Lauderdale-based private jet provider, Monarch Air Group, shares its view on how the global luxury travel industry will look like in 2021, presenting some key principles for providers and customers alike based on the true essence on this segment: thriving under diverse and dynamic environments worldwide.

Thriving under uncertainty and dynamic environments

Winter season is just around the corner and being proactive about it, planning with time, is the perfect decision. Whether it is Christmas, New Year, or just the getaway you deserve, finding the right destination, hotel, or villa, and paring that with the best private air experience might seem a lot to worry about. If you add the uncertainty that the worldwide pandemic brings to the table, with some countries experiencing unexpected spikes, you get the sense that the upcoming winter season might be different than others. Well, it should not be that way, and here is why.

The luxury travel industry lives to higher standards and overall expectations from its customers, who look for a safe, setback-free experience, no matter the external developments or uncertainties. And this has been the case from the very beginning, not just this past year with the outbreak. Luxury locations are scattered everywhere around the globe, in diverse countries with different social and political contexts.

Luxury travelers want to experience the natural wonders of those locations and should not have to worry about external details. This industry has thrived for ages under that principle. During 2021, Luxury travel providers must continue finding ways to deliver their unique services under uncertainty and a dynamic environment. And it all starts with the travel arrangement.

Private aviation is the centerpiece of this industry because it allows to reach almost any destination in the world, adapting to the features of each location. Private jet providers with global presence like Monarch Air Group understand the need to account for all the details when traveling to any location, especially those with a more demanding situational context. Whether it is landing at a certain airport, departing on a specific date and time, and choosing the perfect aircraft to pair with the runway’s specifications, the company thrives on delivering a safe and unique service.

David Gitman, president of Monarch Air Group, said, “The luxury travel industry needs to continue working together to reach the high expectations of our customers. They are trusting us to deliver a high quality and safe service, and we should find ways, as always, to operate to the highest standards. We live in a dynamic world, today is the pandemic and tomorrow might be a new challenge, but our responsibility will remain the same in the sense that external uncertainties will be minimized thanks to thorough planning, transparency and constant communication with our customers.”

The right jet for your luxury flight

There is a right aircraft for every destination. That is not an understatement. Whether you want to travel to Seychelles, The Bahamas, Bora Bora, or the western Patagonia, receiving advice from your private jet provider will be key and might improve your overall experience. The main features when choosing the aircraft are the length of the flight and the number of passengers.

Light Jets

These aircraft are a great option for shorter flights up to 4 to 5 hours and when carrying between 6 to 8 passengers. Their average range is 1,700 miles and its size makes them perfect for landing at smaller runways. The Phenom 300 and the Citation M2 are popular selections within this class.

Super Mid-Size Jets

With an average flight range of 3,500 miles and up to 8 non-stop hours of flight autonomy, this class is a perfect option for transcontinental flights at a competitive price. Miami to Los Angeles or New York to London, these aircraft have a capacity of up to 12 passengers and offer a large cabin. Common bookings for this class are the Citation X and the Gulfstream G280.

Heavy Jets

If you are thinking of a long-range travel, heavy jets are the best option. Accommodating up to 19 passengers and capable of flights of 7,000 non-stop miles, this class of aircraft will get you to almost any destination without stopovers. The Global 6000 and Gulfstream G650 are at the top of the line thanks to their range and cruise speed.

In essence, the worldwide travel industry is susceptible to the everchanging and complex economic, social, and political matrix. And as the luxury travel industry gets even more settled in pristine and unexplored locations, it must continue delivering its true essence: a unique and safe experience while also accounting for all the external variables that might impact the customer’s perception.

Luxury travel, from a provider perspective, is also very much about managing relations with the local community and authorities as well delivering a top-notch service. Expecting the unexpected should therefore be part of the industry’s mission moving towards 2021.

Isolation as the main driver for success

As stated by Monarch Air Group, top luxury destinations are scattered around the globe in diverse economies and settings. More than ever, this uniqueness adds value to the business proposition of luxury travel providers worldwide, as customers seek special experiences for their luxury stay. No destination is too isolated thanks to the flexibility of private aviation, with passengers using this service especially when travelling to isolated and pristine places. The luxury travel industry must continue delivering a safe and unique service amid any external uncertainties; customers are counting on that.