5 of the Bahama’s Best Sailing Destinations

5 of the Bahama’s Best Sailing Destinations

The Bahamas has long been a popular destination with sailing enthusiasts. In total, there are almost 700 islands in this Caribbean archipelago, with only a few dozen of them being inhabited. This means you don’t have to venture too far to find a quiet corner of the Bahamas to call your own for an afternoon. What’s more, the archipelago’s close proximity to Florida makes it an achievable destination for sailors lacking the confidence and experience for longer itineraries. Below, we’ll explore five of the finest sailing destinations in the Bahamas.

Set Sail for the Berry Islands

This enchanting island chain is a popular destination with sailing enthusiasts from the United

States. Made up of more than two dozen picturesque islands, there’s plenty to explore and no shortage of anchorage points. You can take advantage of all manner of natural moorings, but there are plenty of docks on offer. What’s more, there’s a fairly well-developed sailing infrastructure here, so you won’t struggle to find well-equipped marinas offering all the facilities you’d expect.

Although there are plenty of beginner-friendly itineraries in this corner of the Bahamas, bear in mind that the islands are surrounded by reefs. In some places, these reefers are on the shallow side, which may prove a challenge for sailors with less experience under their belt.

Explore Exuma

If you’re thinking about catamaran rental, Exuma is another Bahamas destination worth considering. Offering one of the more verdant coastlines in the Bahamas, Exuma doesn’t disappoint when it comes to natural scenery. There are sandy cays aplenty, while the island is encircled by dazzling coral reefs that play host to countless marine species.

If you’re planning on stopping over for a night or two, George Town is the place to be. Here, you’ll find a large marina and harbor, not to mention plenty of amenities if you’re thinking of taking advantage of those coral reefs and going snorkeling and scuba diving.

Head to Bimini

Due to its proximity to the main coastline of the United States, Bimini remains a popular sailing destination for American visitors. With its beautiful beaches, azure waters and bustling reefs, it’s not hard to see why. The island itself is just one in a chain, with every one of them offering their own delights. Compared to other corners of the Bahamas, the Bimini Chain is relatively quiet, with only the main island being overly developed for the tourist crowd. If you’re looking to lay anchor and spend some time in Bimini, head to the north island and dock at Alice Town.

Get Away from it All in Eleuthera

Fancy sailing along the Great Bahama Bank? If so, make sure Eleuthera is on your itinerary. The perfect destination for sailors with less experience, Eleuthera will also reward the veteran skipper. Boasting hundreds of miles of picturesque coastline, this small chain is home to several islands, although it's the main one that offers the most attractions and amenities. Pink Sands Beach is definitely worth a visit, but if you’re keen to escape the usual tourist traps, set sail for nearby Windermere Island.

Retreat to Rum Cay

Want to explore off the beaten path? Rum Cay is one of the Bahamas’ best-kept secrets. As with its better-known counterparts, Rum Cay is encircled by colorful coral reefs, while the island itself is home to ruined structures dating back to antiquity. While snorkeling is always an option if you’re keen to get up close with the vibrant coral reefs, the Caribbean waters are usually so clear you enjoy unbridled views from your vessel itself.