Balsam Mountain Preserve: Your Front Porch to Million Dollar Views

Balsam Mountain Preserve: Your Front Porch to Million Dollar Views

Not every home, cabin, or estate at Balsam Mountain Preserve has a front porch. But for those calling this 4400-acre mountain community home, everywhere you turn you can feel a front porch neighborhood connection.

In this luxurious environment where the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains stretch 5,000-feet tall, taking care of one another and the beautiful surroundings is an unspoken given. One of the main drivers for the real estate popularity of this serene mountain, golf, horseback, hiking, biking, fishing, and climbing community is this front porch kind of ambiance.

Where and when did this warm coexistence begin? The history of Balsam Mountain dates back a century to when the timber and mining industries discovered this vast acreage for its business and gem resources. The roads developed then are still intact today. What’s apparent is that generations realized what they saw, felt, and developed was special. A continued reverence for nature serves as a cornerstone for the present-day Balsam Mountain Preserve employees, residents, and guests.

Miles of Mountains

Balsam Mountain Preserve

Ask a member of the Balsam Mountain Preserve team if there is a recurring theme as to why their community has grown four-fold over the past decade and you get the same answer. This reply doesn’t come so much with words as it does seeing the employee point in a certain direction. The answer to BMP’s growth is witnessed in the form of million-dollar views, and the way nearly everyone who lives, visits, or works here can’t get enough of their magnificent surroundings.

In the world of real estate, there are only so many ocean and mountain views. The employees and residents at Balsam Mountain practically blush when they speak of the vistas they savor every day. Yet in addition to an awareness that they’re experiencing a treasured environment, new residents also purchase for a reason seldom found in the most desirable of real estate destinations. There’s a Trust that keeps the bulk of the Balsam Mountain land protected, and that means there’s a finite cap on the number of homes to be built going forward.

The open secret is that existing residents and employees love the quiet that’s guaranteed for their future lives on the mountain. But make no mistake, there’s more than just chirping birds keeping a perennial smile on those lucky enough to live, play, and work on this grand slice of mountain paradise. Balsam Mountain Preserve is constantly updating its state-of-the art amenities that make this a mountain setting second to none.

Amenities Galore

Balsam Mountain Preserve

For over 30 years, developer David Southworth has honed a keen eye for purchasing and developing luxury golf developments around the U.S., Caribbean, and Scotland. After observing Balsam Mountain Preserve’s progress for the past decade plus, Southworth went all in on the purchase of the community in 2023.

Southworth appreciated how the community’s success had stood the test of time. He also liked the upside of the existing lot inventory, as well as the amenities that were already in place.

“The previous owners had invested a sizable amount into the unbuilt lots and the overall community facilities. We have a great team at Balsam Mountain making the operations of real estate, golf, equestrian, food and beverage, wellness, and the grounds look easy. They do this while performing at the highest level,” Southworth said.

A Sense of Place

Balsam Mountain Preserve

Compatibility and appreciation for your environment is held in high esteem at Balsam Mountain Preserve. To a person, the team that makes this mountain community hum seems to exhibit a common denominator: a passion for where they work.

The sales team has a unique mix of associates boasting hometowns that include the host city of Sylva, NC, England, and Australia. They love it when potential buyers take Balsam Mountain for an introductory test drive and wonder how long before BMP transitions into becoming their dream home.

Golf Professional Travis Wilson and his family planted roots in 2016 when this former Marine became Balsam’s Head Professional. During his tenure, Wilson discovered a great way to deepen his relationship with homeowners. “I started playing more 18-hole rounds with residents. Over the course of four hours on our beautiful Arnold Palmer Golf Course, you really get to know a person,” Wilson said.

At the Balsam Mountain Equestrian Center, Manager Lila Kilby lives and breathes horses. Her passion for her job and warm sense of humor has made Kilby a favorite for Balsam residents who love exploring the community’s 42-miles of trails, peaks, and valleys on horseback. Kilby is another who sees Balsam Mountain as her ‘forever” job.

Two key members of the Balsam Mountain team are General Manager Phil Satterfield and bartender Denise. Satterfield and Denise glide between The Summit House restaurant and The Mine Tavern, making sure customers’ glasses are full, plates are plentiful, and smiles are ever present. When asked what she thinks residents like best about her place of employment, Denise beams and points at the Blue Ridge Mountains. “How can you not like this?” Denise says with a smile.

What’s Not to Like?

Balsam Mountain Preserve

If you ask the residents why they choose to purchase a home at Balsam Mountain, you’ll get a variety of answers. An actress who has starred in dozens of your favorite movies will tell you she loves walking and exploring the hiking trails. A hockey Hall of Famer can’t get enough of the scenic championship golf course. An NFL quarterback enjoys the privacy and the close abundance of the great outdoors.

Ask your neighbors, the ones you occasionally tap for a cup of sugar, and they’ll tell you that they enjoy exchanging hellos from their front porch. Let’s see, million-dollar views, an Arnold Palmer designed golf course, and neighbors you can count on. As Denise the bartender says, “How can you not like this?”