Bananatime - Fashion Inspired by a Love for Traveling

Bananatime - Fashion Inspired by a Love for Traveling

Combining vibrant prints in classic, timeless styles, BANANATIME offers the perfect capsule wardrobe of luxury, unisex travel essentials.

The garments are made from high grade, machine-washable silk and can be worn around the clock, whether you’re on the road, going out, or relaxing at home.

Inspired by the silk road and born on the cosmopolitan streets of Amsterdam, BANANATIME is the contemporary fruit of a shared labor of love. The unisex label was co-founded in 2014 by best friends Naoyo Kawaguchi and Julia Mah. Seasoned globetrotters and vintage obsessives with more than three decades of professional fashion and textile expertise between them, Naoyo and Julia are united in a mission to supply garments durable enough for the demands of everyday, but stylish enough to transition to the evening. Modern styles combined with travel-readiness comes as the standard.

The vision is to simplify and enhance life by creating wear-anytime garments that offer unrivaled comfort, quality and versatility.

Every item in the BANANATIME collection can be worn with all other pieces, allowing the wearer to mix and match with confidence.

Travel was an important factor in creating the BANANATIME collection. The products are versatile enough to pack on a trip, yet also easy to relax in at home.

The name of the brand was inspired from the paper titled “Banana Time” that was written in 1959 by Donald Francis Roy. The paper describes how industrial workers made their work places more tolerable by having some “Banana Time” by playing games and taking short breaks with their colleagues throughout the day.

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