Beach Villa Style and How to Achieve it

Beach Villa Style and How to Achieve it

Today we introduce you to the beautiful beach style that is a favorite among designers and homeowners.

The beach interior assumes free, spacious, and comfortable space. Such an interior evokes a number of associations with summer, relaxation, and freedom after work days. Beach-style colors include shades of sea, waves, sand or pebbles, sky, sun, and palm trees. Since the interior is light and airy, windows should not be decorated with heavy curtains, it is best to use a satin or light cotton, blinds will also be appropriate here. In a beach style, formal pieces of furniture or accessories are not appropriate, and you do not need to use expensive materials. The main thing is personal memories of the waves of the sea, the sandy beach, and the endless sky.

Fresh and relaxed, it reminds us of those beautiful summer days when the sun, sand, surf, and eternal celebration were just around the corner from us. Indoors, beach style creates a relaxing, airy and fun atmosphere.

There are several different variations of beach decor, so it's best to choose one that will serve you well all year round. Below, we give you some beautiful examples of staying true to this wonderful style.

beach villa decor

Colors borrowed from sand, surf, and seashells

The beauty and charm of the beach-themed spaces are that they bring us closer to nature and they have a special soothing effect. The best way to achieve this effect is to borrow the colors that the beach offers us.

We've already seen many beautiful nautical interior themes based on a combination of matching colors, but for now, let's try to concentrate on white ones. A white background is perfect for getting started with beach style.

While other neutral colors work well too, you just can't mess things up with white. A wonderful combination of white background and orange tones; A perfect combination of whiteness and turquoise; White and red play excellently as decoration. Beach shades such as sandy beige, light cream, charcoal, light yellow, similar to the rays of the sun on the beach in the early morning, will look great. Refreshing light blue, cool aqua, light turquoise are the perfect additions to enhance the space.

Think creatively!

An interesting can be the choice of furniture for the decoration of the beach style. The décor made from natural fibers and organic materials will perfectly highlight the coastal theme.

Wicker furniture is suitable for arranging a room. For wood, it is better to choose light shades, as mahogany and dark wood will make the room heavier. It is better not to use carved and heavily decorated furniture. Naturally, this interior will look like sun loungers, floor cushions, wooden lattice chairs.

Since the idea is to create a setting as close as possible to life on the beach, wicker fittings, rattan furniture sets, and oak-framed beds will fit perfectly into the overall scheme. To find such furnishings you can go to nationwide furniture outlet.

In case you want to go further, stylish canvas chairs and bamboo blinds are ideal choices. For the bedroom, consider clean fresh colors, preferably in a neutral tone (mostly white again). You can also incorporate large custom water features if you have a spacious area to place it.

Corals, pebbles, or shells are suitable as accessories. You can also create sculptures yourself, for example, pour sea sand, small pebbles, or shells into a transparent vase. Seashells can be used to decorate photo frames, mirror frames, or create other accessories from them. Pictures on the marine theme will look great on the walls. A hand-made boat with scarlet sails will delight the eye. In addition, in the beach interior, you can arrange a living corner with the help of an aquarium with fish.

The floor in this interior must be decorated with light wood. However, to add contrasts, the floor can be covered with bright jute and sisal carpet.

An old chest adds interest to the beach interior, which will serve as a coffee table or a place to store various items. To increase the visual space, you can add a mirror. It will reflect light and fill the room with an airy atmosphere. Bright interior details need to be highlighted with beautiful lamps or lanterns. Decorative palms in pots will fill the interior with freshness, as well as highlight light shades.

beach villa decor

More natural light

Do you remember a boring, gloomy, or dark day at the beach? Of course not! Beach life means a bright, sun-drenched beach, so light is an essential element in beach-themed living.

The light shades of beach interiors create a vibrant indoor environment. Large glass doors and windows help achieve the right lighting.

Many versions of beach-style interiors range from the Mediterranean to the tropical oceans, from the classic to the modern. Regardless of which option you choose, the basics of style tend to remain the same. Make sure you stick to them, and for the rest, trust your imagination.