Ben Lido - Custom travel kits for the modern traveler

Ben Lido - Custom travel kits for the modern traveler

5 Star Hotel - Check. Business/First Class seat for your long flight - check. Finding, buying and packing your travel essentials the night before traveling? Why are you still doing that? Ben Lido Travel Kits has finally created the missing piece in your first class travel experience.

Can’t find time to pack? Can’t be bothered to shop for travel sized items? Wishing for an adventure, but overwhelmed? The Ben Lido Travel Kits, are specially designed to solve these dilemmas and give you the freedom to be ready for any adventure.

What makes Ben Lido kits so different?

  • It is subscription-based (or can be a one-time purchase as well)
  • All products are TSA-approved sizes
  • Wide variety of brands available to customize kits
  • It can be delivered right to your door (or the door of any destination you’re going to)
  • You can customize your own kit, down to your favorite, unique or hard to find products!

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