Best First-Class Airlines for Your Next Vacation

Best First-Class Airlines for Your Next Vacation

If you’re looking for a luxury travel experience like no other, first-class flights are the way to go! Whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, ensuring maximum comfort and style is what choosing luxury airlines is all about. There are so many first-class airlines around these days that it can be difficult to choose which one will offer the best amenities for your taste.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best first-class airline for you!

Best First-Class Flights

While there is no such thing as an entire first-class flight, there are first-class seats on most flights. However, not all domestic flights offer a first-class option. When choosing the best airline to fly first class, there are a number of factors you’ll need to take into consideration!

Best First Class Service

On first-class flights, you’ll notice that things flow a lot more smoothly. Check-ins and security checks are much faster and the screenings are an easy process.

You may think that flying first-class is easy and luxurious, but the reality is that you may still have to wait in long queues. This is just a part of traveling on a plane, and sometimes can’t be avoided.

Once you’ve checked in and are waiting for your flight, you’ll enjoy a much more luxurious experience than the average traveler. Airline club lounges offer a variety of perks including complimentary drinks and comfortable seating areas that offer you a much-needed break from the crowds.

One of the nicest first-class perks is being able to board the plane before many other passengers. Giving you space and time to get yourself sorted.

After your flight, baggage claims become a whole lot easier as well. Your luggage will be up for collection first, in an area not surrounded by other passengers.

If you need to catch a connecting flight and have a layover in Lagos, or anywhere else for that matter, you won’t have to worry about luggage as it will be sent directly to your destination.

Best First Class Seats

One of the main reasons people buy first-class tickets is for the seating experience. Here’s what you should expect from your first-class seating arrangement.

When you’re flying first-class on an international flight, you’ll really be getting your money’s worth! Privacy and luxury are key elements of the first-class flying experience.

You’ll enjoy a larger TV screen in full HD, and a seat that reclines into a sleeping position.

The food served in the first-class cabins is so much better than that served to the rest of the plane! You can expect to dine in absolute luxury - a much-needed change from the average airplane food that we so often dread.

On first-class international flights, you can often expect a fully-stocked bar that will help the time of the flight pass a whole lot quicker.

It’s important to note that domestic first-class cabins and international first-class cabins are worlds apart! Often the only difference between domestic normal seats and domestic first-class seats is that first-class seats are leather and the food is slightly better. But for the most part, domestic first-class tickets aren’t worth the price.

Which Airline has the Best First Class

Now that you know what to expect from airlines with first-class seating, let’s dig a little deeper to find the best first-class airlines.


Lufthansa Airlines is a holding company for some of the top airlines in the world. Among their subsidiaries, you’ll find Austrian Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, Swiss European Airlines, Edelweiss Air,  Eurowings and Lufthansa Citylines.

You can expect a variety of first-class luxuries such as a reclining seat, 17-inch display entertainment units, a comfortable seat, noise-cancelling headphones, a luxury amenity kit, pyjamas, slippers, caviar appetizers and a wide selection of high-end wines and liquors.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines offers only 6 first-class luxury suites within the front cabin, ensuring the ultimate comfort experience. You can expect an extremely comfortable bed with a 32-inch display entertainment center. You’ll have access to a personal wardrobe as well as a feature wall with mood lighting.

Completely cut off from the rest of the passengers, you’ll enjoy complete privacy and incredible luxurious touches!


Emirates takes luxury and privacy to the next level in its first-class suites. Sliding doors give you privacy from the other first-class passengers and you’ll be able to enjoy a seat that reclines into a fully flat bed. You can also enjoy the seats ‘zero-gravity’ position that was inspired by NASA and gives passengers the chance to experience true weightlessness.

Emirates has also introduced the virtual window that allows passengers in the middle aisle to see a camera projection of the actual window view. Each suite also comes with a service window that ensures you can be served drinks and meals while maintaining full privacy.

Wrapping Up the Best First-Class Airlines

Enjoying the subtle and not-so-subtle luxuries that first-class flying has to offer is an absolute treat, but it is so important that you choose the right airline for your taste!

There’s nothing better than sitting back and having someone cater to your every need. But be sure to compare airlines thoroughly before making your choice. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start investigating the very best first-class airline for you!