Best Types Of Boots For Men In 2022

Best Types Of Boots For Men In 2022

Boots have held a high and reputed place in the men's footwear section. We all know that most of the shoe categories in the men's section are already available for women. But if there is one footwear that is built mainly for men, it's the boots. Boots, unlike other shoes, have a very specific purpose which resonates a lot with men more than women. Hence it is safe to say that the options men have in the boots category are more in number compared to women. But if you are new, you may not know many types of boots available for men. Though most of them look similar, each boot has a different purpose and matches with different outfits. Here, in this article, we shall look into some of the most well-known types in the men's boots category, what their purpose is, and the outfits they can be paired with:

Oxford Boots

Men’s Oxford Boots are considered as the formal boots on this list. These boots are made for formal occasions like dinners and business meetings. Hence the only preferred choice of outfit for these boots is formal wear. But one thing you can be assured of from these boots is the style and classiness they provide. This alone makes it a must-have boot, even if you don't often wear formal outfits.

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Chelsea Boots

Modern Chelsea boots are more semi-formal boots as compared to oxfords. Due to their stylish and unique looks, Chelsea boots promise you a classic and youthful look no matter the occasion, making them a must-buy in the men's boots category. These boots have more of a slip-on design, making them easy to wear and remove. As for outfits, Chelsea Boots can be paired with anything from semi-formal to casual wear, the choice finally coming down to the user.

Winter Boots

Winter boots, as the name suggests are the most perfect choice for colder months. But one thing that stands out with winter boots is that some winter boots can be worn during other seasons too. As long as the weather is not burning hot you should be good to go. As for the outfits, if you wear them during the colder seasons any winter outfit would do, and for other seasons casual wear is the most preferred choice.

Chukka Boots

Another casual boots on this list are the chukka boots. These boots are a wonderful alternative to Chelsea boots. They look different from the other boots mentioned here as well, giving you an elegant, stylish, and unique look. These can be paired with casual outfits like denim jeans, t-shirts and cotton pants, and also sweaters, making them a great choice for winters as well. The Chukka Boots commonly come in two designs, the lace design, and the laceless design. Check out Bruno Marc and have a look at them.

Military Boots

Though military boots are used for very specific purposes like hiking and extreme adventures, these boots can be a wonderful choice to be used for everyday wear. Military boots, because of their use in hiking and adventures, are made to last longer in tougher conditions like extreme heat or extreme cold. This helps as the shoe protects your boot from any challenge, making it a wonderful choice to be worn with casual clothes. If you are someone who leads a casual life and goes on frequent adventures, the military boots could be your go-to choice if you do not intend on buying many shoes.

Work Boots

Now if we look into the category of boots mentioned here, we have a boot for every occasion except for work. This is where the work boots come into the picture. If you love boots so much that you would like to wear them for work as well, then you should get the work boots. Work boots come in different designs and styles. Pick the one you like and show your office colleagues that newly bought boot.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned are some of the best boots available in the market for men and they are also the most popular types in the year 2022. If you do end up buying any of the above-mentioned shoes, have a look at Bruno Marc to be guaranteed an affordable boot made out of quality products, making them look great and also last longer than the other shoes you get in the market. In addition, feel free to try the boots with outfits other than the ones mentioned above. You might end up liking a different matching outfit other than the ones mentioned in this article.