Beverly Hills Car Club: The Most Exclusive way to Get Around

Beverly Hills Car Club: The Most Exclusive way to Get Around

The Beverly Hills Car Club, whose owner Alex Manos, is one of the world’s leading classic car dealerships specializing in European and select American vehicles.

The Beverly Hills Car Club purchases and sells unique, exclusive, and highly desirable classic automobiles. Presently, for example, The Beverly Hills Car Club has a raft of exciting examples, including Michael Jordan’s Mercedes S600 Lorinser and the 1992 Lamborghini Diablo featured in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day.

“The automobiles sold at Beverly Hills Car Club combine all the elements of our exclusive address,” declares Alex Manos on the company’s website. “Classic cars that are the very last word in tasteful elegance, chic and impressive sophistication, with scrupulous attention paid to each vehicle’s functional integrity and stylish perfection. There are also vehicles being offered for sale that are ripe for restoration and available for the enthusiast or collectors wanting to be at the helm of a full restoration, from start to finish.

Alex Manos was born in London. After spending time in Australia, he moved as a teenager to Los Angeles. With such a cosmopolitan background, he had had exposure to a wide variety of international automobiles: by nature an aesthete, he had begun to appreciate classic cars as pieces of art. Accordingly, when still young, he purchased his first classic car, a 1962 Lincoln Continental, on which he personally rendered all necessary cosmetic work. By so doing, he began to learn the nuts-and-bolts of automobiles, literally from the ground upwards.

The Beverly Hills Car Club handles all transactions in an extremely professional and confidential manner, crucial for its many celebrity customers. And - whoever they are - such clients are provided with the very last word in personal service, tailored to ensure each receives the ultimate quality in products and service.

After all, The Beverly Hills Car Club is not just providing a car, but an entire lifestyle experience: the actuality of luxury and exclusivity.

Accordingly, The Beverly Hills Car Club is heralded by innumerable 5-star reviews from buyers, as well as from the media. Automobile Magazine describes its collection as “mind-boggling.” “Beverly Hills Car Club,” it writes, “is the type of place you can devote an entire day to and still feel like you have not seen everything it has to offer.” Meanwhile, the respected SWAGGER Magazine defines Alex Manos’s company thus: “Beverly Hills Car Club is one of the largest dealerships of classic European cars in the world. With over 40 full-time employees, Beverly Hill Car Club prides itself on impeccable care, attention to detail, and the highest-quality customer service.”  GQ Magazine said that "Beverly Hills Car Club was one of the Top 9 Best Car Accounts to follow."

To keep up with Alex Manos and his classic car empire, check out The Beverly Hills Car Club website and follow them on Instagram @mralexmanos @beverlyhillscarclub