Black Ivory Elephant Coffee Offered at Thailand's Conrad Koh Samui

Black Ivory Elephant Coffee Offered at Thailand's Conrad Koh Samui
As the only purveyor on the island of this coffee, diners who love coffee at the fine dining restaurant will be amongst of most privileged to savour one of the world's most interesting coffees.

The Black Ivory Elephant Coffee is created through a process whereby coffee beans are naturally refined by Thai elephants at the Golden Elephant Triangle Foundation in Chiang Saen, northern Thailand. The process begins with the selection of greatest Thai Arabica beans, hand-picked from an altitude as high as 1,500 meters above sea level. The choice of coffee beans were consumed and later deposited by the elephants. Thereafter the individual beans will be sun-dried and roasted: approximately 10,000 beans are picked for each kilogram of roasted Black Ivory Coffee.

Jahn Restaurant evening

Stefano Ruzza, general manager of Conrad Koh Samui said, “We are creating a multitude of culinary experiences for guests to discover throughout their stays. Our experienced team at Jahn restaurant have also translated their passion for providing the finest in food and drink into the ultimate feast for the senses, and Introducing the Black Ivory Elephant Coffee complements the innovative culinary experience we want to deliver to our diners at Jahn restaurant”.

The Black Ivory Elephant Coffee is exclusively served at Jahn restaurant, priced at THB 1,200 per set which serves up to 4 persons and is subject to 10% service charge and applicable government taxes.

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