Blackberry Farm Brewery Wins Gold at World Beer Cup 2016

Blackberry Farm Brewery Wins Gold at World Beer Cup 2016
"It was wonderful to be able to share the World Beer Cup, as well as the week leading up to it at the Craft Brewer's Conference, with some of my closest friends in the brewing industry,” said Brewmaster Daniel Heisler. “For the Blackberry Farm Brewery to be recognized with a medal at the World Beer Cup, included in the company of so many of our friends and inspirations, is truly an honor, and reflects the hard work and dedication that we put into crafting our beer.”

The Blackberry Farm Brewery's flagship beer, Classic Saison beat 115 other French and Belgian-Style Saisons to win the gold. The World Beer Cup is widely known as the most prestigious beer competition in the world. In 2016, 6,596 beers were entered from 1,907 breweries from 55 countries for 96 beer styles.

“I am just so proud of the Blackberry Farm Brewery team. The detail, effort and passion that go into creating a world class product are often immeasurable,” said Mary Celeste Beall, Proprietor of Blackberry Farm. “At Blackberry Farm, we do our best to present experiences, beverages and products that represent responsible craftsmanship and authenticity to our story. It is obvious that our brewery team has done just that by creating a Saison that is both enjoyable by so many and praised by industry critics and colleagues. "

Blackberry Farm Brewery's Classic Saison is a Belgian-style farmhouse ale. The aroma is dominated by fruity esters reminiscent of citrus fruits along with a moderate earthy and floral hop aroma from the use of Noble-type hops in the brewing process. The beer has a deep, gold hue that is often hazy, and a voluminous head on pouring as a result of the bottle-conditioning and high natural carbonation.

"This achievement brings me full circle to a conversation that Sam Beall and I shared when we met in 2010. We both had a simple vision to make world-class beer in our beloved home state of Tennessee,” said Roy Milner, Chief Fermentation Officer. “I couldn't be any more proud of our team and their dedication to making that dream a reality with our Classic Saison.”

Blackberry Farm opened the doors to its new production facility a little over a year ago and is now producing 20 beers in 2016 with beers in the Saison, Abbey, Native and Barrel Series as well as several special releases planned. Consumers can find Blackberry Farm Brewery beers in restaurants and retailers located in 38 states in the United States.

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