Find Your Bliss With the New Experiences by Blissed Out Retreats

Find Your Bliss With the New Experiences by Blissed Out Retreats
Instead of just a yoga or wellness retreat, each “experience” has activities created around a central theme. For example, the first experience held in Bali, Indonesia in April is Self-Expression, which includes activities like dance, yoga, and art classes as a way for guests to discover how to express themselves.

In each “Experience” of Blissed Out Retreat you will find:

• Plant-based cuisine
• Well-appointed accommodations and amenities
• Yoga classes for all levels
• Other classes centered around the theme (like art, cooking, fitness, meditation, health & wellness, dance, etc)
• A well-established and knowledgeable special guest teacher
• Connection with like-minded individuals
• …and so much more.

See what folks are saying about the retreats:

“The food, the location, the yoga, all the little included extras (massages, classes, day trips) were absolutely outstanding and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. So much work and thought went into this retreat and I will always look back on it as one of the best trips I've been on. Personally, my favourite part was meeting a group of smart, strong, like-minded women that I will forever call my friends.” - Tess L.

“To say it was life-changing would be an extreme understatement. The food was so sublime, we literally had “foodgasms” every day, exceeded my expectations. Bali itself was so divine. It was absolutely beautiful- and rarely do you vacation and get such an IMMERSIVE experience within the local culture. I just didn't want it to end.” Candi T.

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