Bon Vivant New York Presents the Christmas Ornament Holiday Collection

Bon Vivant New York Presents the Christmas Ornament Holiday Collection

This year, Bon Vivant New York has been inspired by the celebrated royal Fabergé eggs to design their Christmas Ornament holiday collection.

These majestic creations are known all over the world for their unique artistry and exquisiteness. In 1885, Tsar Alexander III commissioned the House of Fabergé, to design the first ornamental egg known as the Hen Egg, for his wife Empress Maria Feodorovna as a gift to her for the Easter holiday.

Each year after that, Fabergé would create a new ornamental egg for the Tsar to continue this tradition for his beloved wife, which later his son Nicholas II also continued for his own wife. These imperial eggs became more elaborate and innovative in their design, with intricate details and mechanisms, vibrant colors and precious jewels.

The Bon Vivant Christmas Ornament collection is a romantic and whimsical tribute to the magnificent beauty of these treasures. The handcrafted petit cakes are created in the most decadent flavors of Rose Petal, Lemon Zest, and Bourbon Vanilla, featuring luscious fondant in rich jewel tones of amethyst, gold and turquoise, and each cake is adorned with a pearlized sugar flower or golden snowflake for a festive holiday touch.

Bon Vivant NY is a Flavor Partner of Loews Regency New York Hotel, and the Christmas Ornament Petit Four Flight will be available starting Thanksgiving exclusively at The Regency Bar & Grill.

The Christmas Ornament collection will be available in limited quantities from November 15, 2018 to January 4, 2019.