Booksy Paves The Way For Other Beauty Scheduling Apps

Booksy Paves The Way For Other Beauty Scheduling Apps

If you’re in need of virtually any kind of a beauty-related service, look no further than Booksy. This San Francisco-based global company looks to improve and facilitate the process of scheduling visits at beauty salons. Currently the biggest one on the market, Booksy has expanded tremendously, currently providing thousands of beauticians and over 13 million customers in more than 80 countries.

Having recently scored $70 million in venture capital funding, Booksy is looking to grow even further, making an effort to become the beauty scheduling software. Helping both local businesses and their customers, Booksy has one mission in mind—foster their growth by bringing new opportunities.

Even the pandemic wouldn’t halt its growth. Stefan Batory, CEO and Founder of Booksy says: “Like with many sectors negatively hit by the pandemic, it’s been a turbulent time for the beauty and wellness industry but we’re confident in its ability to come back from this, so it’s fantastic to see our latest group of investors share our optimism and vision. This latest round of funding enables us to reach even more salons and service providers across the US, and in all the regions we operate, which in turn helps them reach more customers.”

Adding on to that, Pierre Siri, operating partner at Sprints Capital, one of the Booksy investors, said: “In a competitive space, Booksy has emerged as the clear leader. With more than 13 million customers, not to mention the thousands of service providers that are saving time and increasing their revenue through the platform, Booksy is transforming beauty from a paper-led industry into one that is digital-first. I’m delighted to work closely with Stefan and the wider Booksy team on the next stage of the business and I can’t wait to see how the business grows to support more providers and customers across the globe.”

Booksy has an expansive network of professionals all over the world. Even if you’re traveling abroad to the most exotic countries, chances are you’ll see the presence of Booksy there. If you want to go ahead and use one of the top beauty and wellness treatments prior to going for a vacation, look no further than Booksy.

The choice of services is massive as well. From tattoo parlors and massage salons, through makeup, holistic medicine, and nail artists, to spas, estheticians, and even psychotherapists, Booksy is a one-stop shop for anybody who’s trying to make an appointment. Even nursing visits, gym equipment booking, and personal training have made their way into Booksy’s vast range of services.

Discovering new suppliers of health and beauty services is also like a walk in the park with that application through reviews and curated information. It’s also worth mentioning that Booksy is completely free to use for customers.

All the customer needs to do is downloading the app or entering the website, searching for a service, and booking a visit with one click. Of course, it’s also possible to book a visit without paying and simply make the transaction after the service. Some specialists also have traveling services, meaning that they can visit you straight in your home, making the entire ordeal even less of a hassle.

If you’re a local business owner, ditching old-fashioned telephone and notebook appointments should be your top priority. People are getting increasingly busy, and it’s tough for them to make a phone call to book a visit. Booksy has an all-around business service that lets health and beauty specialists manage their appointments, improve lead generation, and collect payments. Booksy has also integrated with the Appointments on Facebook feature, becoming one of the three applications to do so. On top of that, Booksy is fully integrated with Instagram.

The pricing for service providers is also pretty reasonable at only $29.99 per month, with $10 per additional user. If nine users is too little for you, you can buy the unlimited package for $119.99.