Hotel Lungarno's Borgo San Jacopo Restaurant Awarded Michelin Star

Hotel Lungarno's Borgo San Jacopo Restaurant Awarded Michelin Star
This award comes just over a year since Chef Peter Brunel joined Lungarno Collection as the brand's executive chef, overseeing three dining outlets for the hospitality group.

At 28 years old, Chef Brunel was awarded a Michelin Star at Villa Negri on Lake Garda, and at the time was the youngest Michelin starred chef. In July 2014, Chef Brunel joined Lungarno Collection as executive chef, and focused first and foremost on the newly opened Caffè dell'Oro to create a bistro-style restaurant next to the new Portrait Firenze hotel. It was not until fall 2014 that Chef Brunel executed his first signature menu at Hotel Lungarno's Borgo San Jacopo, incorporating some of his great classics including the Purple Cabbage Risotto alongside the restaurant's original fixed menus.

Chef Brunel also spearheaded nine specialized 'SPOON' dinners at Borgo San Jacopo this year, collaborating with Michelin Star guest chefs to celebrate the collection's 2015 art exhibition titled 'SPOON: I EAT EARTH.'

Borgo San Jacopo interior

"Peter Brunel has brought a truly unique touch to Lungarno Collection, with his great innovation in bringing dishes to life that surprise the palate and the expectations of all customers at Borgo San Jacopo," said Valeriano Antonioli, Chief Executive Officer of Lungarno Collection. "A special thank you to the Michelin guide for this acknowledgment extended to our Executive Chef Peter Brunel and all of our team."